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Fifty Shades of Autumn in Helsinki, Finland


Autumn – the most beautiful time of the year in terms of colours – is here in Helsinki and nature has now completely changed its colours from green to all shades of yellow, orange, red and auburn.




This playful game of changing of the colours is what we call ruska in Finnish. The peak season normally only lasts for a couple of weeks in October. During the past few weeks mother nature has really given its best here in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We have experienced the most beautiful autumn weather: sunshine with clear skies and temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius. Such a perfect weather to go for a walk in the fresh urban outdoors and enjoy the array of autumn colours.




Since nature’s colour galore is at its best it would have been a crime not to capture it with a camera. So inspired by the perfect autumn weathers I have done lots of long walks in different parts of Helsinki and taken hundreds of shots. Hope you enjoy my walks as much as I did!





Let’s start from the places closest to my house. Mustavuori (Black Mountain) is a nature reserve in the eastern part of Helsinki. This is where I come to unwind and inhale fresh air after a hectic day at the office. Here you get to walk through yellow fields and lush forest along sandy paths for kilometers after kilometers. What a joy especially this colourful time of the year!




In Aurinkolahti and Uutela you can experience nature right by the sea. The small cliffs between the beach and the boat harbour offer a great place to sit down in the sun and enjoy the scenery. The charming little Cafe Kampela by the boat harbour is one of my favourite cafes in Helsinki.




Tokoinranta close to the city centre is a popular place to come for a walk and enjoy the sun in the leafy park or at the outdoor terrace of Cafe Piritta. From here you have amazing views over Hakaniemi and the art nouveau buildings of Säästöpankinranta on the opposite side of the bay.



Töölönlahti Bay is a true oasis in the heart of Helsinki. The 3,5 km walk around the bay provides wonderful views over the shimmering blue waters. This together with orange and yellow autumn colours make such a stunning contrast. I could have spent hours and hours just admiring the beautiful palette of colours.






Kaivopuisto Park is Helsinki’s oldest and most loved park surrounded by embassies and villas. It is every local’s favourite green place with a small observatory on top of the hill and great views over the harbour and out to sea. There are plenty of different types of trees in the park with signposts telling more details. The abundance of trees makes the park shine in all hues of green, yellow and orange.






Just go out there to enjoy the colour galore and fresh autumn air before it is too late when the grey November rains arrive!

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358 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Autumn in Helsinki, Finland

  1. Such a delight, this post with all the autumn colors, my favourite!


  2. Wow, beautiful photos! Very well-thought and -written article. Loved it. Thank you. 🙂


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