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25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Doha, Qatar

My recent visit to Doha, the capital of Qatar, was my very first touch to the Middle East. I spent a lovely weekend in this super hot desert city that is evolving at a rapid pace. I was particularly blown away by Doha’s intriguing architecture, which is a combination of traditional, modern and futuristic. What I also found interesting and strange is the fact that camels live right in the heart of the city and that they were pretty much the only living creatures that were out and about during the day. Apart from the camels Doha was like an empty ghost town with no soul in sight. This is due to its super hot desert climate and the city comes alive as the sun goes down.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I created a photo gallery including the most inspiring photos of Doha to turn on your wanderlust! The following photos perfectly sum up my weekend in Doha.

Fanar Islamic Cultural Center, Dohadoha fanar islamic cultural center

Doha cityscape

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experiences souq waqif doha


Free Souq Waqif Walking Tour, Doha, Qatar

On my first evening in Doha, I did a free Souq Waqif walking tour seeing all the highlights of the bazaar area. The tour was organised by my hotel Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels and all guests staying in any of their 9 boutique hotels in Souq Waqif are welcome to join in.doha souq waqifSouq Waqif (“standing market”) is a lively bazaar area right off Doha’s seaside promenade Corniche. Souq Waqif is a combination of traditional and modern, and it is one of the most culturally rich places in Doha. Walking around in the maze of narrow alleyways takes you on an authentic journey back in time and you get to feel what Continue reading


Hidden Architectural Gem of Helsinki: Rikhardinkatu Library

Some time back I wrote about two beautiful libraries in Helsinki that hide amazing architectural details, Helsinki University Library and the National Library of Finland, both something very unique in terms of architecture and design in Finland and definitive must-sees for all locals and visitors alike.

Rikhardinkatu Library (Rikhardinkadun kirjasto) in the heart of Helsinki is another beautiful public library that is popular among locals and well worth a visit. I love the sophisticated and historical atmosphere of this library.helsinki rikhardinkatu libraryRikhardinkatu Library was the first public library in the Nordic countries designed for Continue reading

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Hidden Architectural Gem of Helsinki: National Library of Finland

I never expected to find a gorgeous gem like this in my hometown Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. The yellow building of the National Library of Finland, which is located right opposite to Helsinki Cathedral in the heart of Helsinki looks very modest from the outside but is something completely different on the inside.The National Library of Finland is possibly the most majestic library I have ever visited. It is a historical place and a perfect haven of peace and quiet away from the busy streets of Helsinki city centre.

This library is a must for all book worms and architecture lovers, and everyone who wishes to discover Continue reading

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25 Photos That Made Me Fall in Love with Tunisia

Tunisia is just so amazing! Tunisia is a diverse country that offers incredible adventures for all tastes. I travelled around Tunisia for two weeks and I was completely blow away by Tunisia’s beauty in all ways: sunshine, beach, turquoise waters, history, culture, architecture, food, friendly people. What more can you expect?Even though there are many things about Tunisia that I dislike (that is another story) I did fall in love with Tunisia. After seeing the following photos I am convinced that you will be inspired to visit Tunisia as well! There is so much eye candy in Tunisia, don’t you think?! Continue reading

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Hidden Architectural Gem of Helsinki: Helsinki University Library

White daydream. Inspiring. Calming. Contemporary. Clean Scandinavian lines. Fresh and modern Finnish minimalism. This is how I would describe the design and architecture of Helsinki University Library.I am not a student or alumni at Helsinki University. And I am not a typical library nerd either. But after visiting the main library of Helsinki University (Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto) I actually might become a frequent customer as Continue reading

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Colourful Streets of Copenhagen, Denmark

Wandering the streets of Copenhagen on a grey and cold winter’s day can be a lot of fun, you just need to have the right state of mind. And a camera will go a log way, too. Copenhagen’s endless amount of colourful houses really brings the Danish capital to life and gives the city its unique charm. It would be a waste not to enjoy and capture the best of colourful Copenhagen.The most iconic place to spot colourful houses in Copenhagen is Continue reading


Hidden Architectural Gems of Helsinki

A couple of days back I went on an organised walking tour to discover Helsinki’s hidden architectural gems. The tour focused on the entrances and staircases of 5 high-value properties in the heart of Helsinki, dating back more than a century. All these architectural treasures were built between 1870 and 1913, and have unique stories to tell. Let’s take a look at the architectural gems we explored on our tour. Continue reading


Architectural Masterpieces of New Helsinki & Espoo Metro Stations

Hey Helsinki metro finally goes west! Yesterday we had the pleasure to enjoy the grand opening of Helsinki’s western metro extension. This adds 8 new stations to the route that runs from central Helsinki to the neighbouring city of Espoo.Why is there so much buzz about the metro? Why am I so ecstatic about this? Well, long story short. Continue reading