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Copenhagen: A Magical Evening at Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas Wonderland

Last week I travelled to Copenhagen for a long weekend to explore the city and to experience what the famous Danish “hygge” is all about. I believe hygge means something like creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people especially during the darkest time of the year. I am sure this something we all can take home from Denmark, a country of the happiest people in the word.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasOn Saturday evening after a busy day of sightseeing it was time to slow down, take it easy and enjoy some Danish hygge at the world’s second oldest theme park Tivoli Gardens fairytale Continue reading


Spectacular Carnival of Light and Colour in Helsinki

As autumn evenings turn darker and nights longer up here in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, people are starting to prepare themselves for the dark and cold winter with warm clothes, gloves, hats, wooly socks, candles and hot drinks. Luckily there are also fun-filled events with colour, light and joy to ease our way into the dark winter season.fotor_14764750797366 Continue reading


Best Things to See and Do in Rhodes New Town

Rhodes Town, situated on the northeastern tip of the island is without a doubt one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval fortress towns. Rhodes Town can be divided into old and new quarters: medieval buildings and narrow streets within the old town walls as well as vibrant and historical attractions by the waterfront in the new town.rhodestown_mandrakiharbour_01rhodestown_01

There are so many interesting things to see and do in Rhodes New Town that it is difficult to decide where to start. I want to Continue reading


Helsinki: Traditional Midsummer Celebrations at Seurasaari Island

For Finns, Midsummer at the end of June means celebration of the long white night, also called the nightless night. In Helsinki this means that the sun sets at 10:50 pm and rises already a couple of hours later at 3:55 am. In the northern part of Finland the sun does not set at all. The nightless night (yötön yö in Finnish) and the midnight sun (keskiyön aurinko in Finnish) of the Finnish midsummer make a great contrast to the darkness of the wintertime.Midsummer_helsinki_seurasaari_06Midsummer_helsinki_01The streets of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, fall fairly silent during the long Midsummer (Juhannus in Finnish) weekend when most locals head to the countryside to their summer houses by a lake or by the sea. However, there are plenty of events and festivals to enjoy under Helsinki’s midnight sun, too. Continue reading


Helsinki Street Art

During the past few weeks I have discovered a totally new side of Helsinki – urban street art of Helsinki. Now that it is summer I commute to places mostly by bicycle instead of car or public transportation. This has totally opened my eyes to new things such as urban art. Earlier I did not realise that there is a wealth of creative street art everywhere in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, making the city a lot more vivid and colourful.Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_11Helsinki_streetart_baana_01Last summer I was curious enough to visit Suvilahti graffiti wall to see some street art but some time back when Continue reading


Celebrating Helsinki Day – Birthday of the City of Helsinki

Last weekend Helsinki, the capital of Finland, turned into a huge festival for one day. This festival is called Helsinki Day (Helsinki-päivä), an annual celebration held on 12 June to celebrate the birthday of the city of Helsinki. The tradition was started in the late 1950s and ever since the festival has grown and become more popular year after year.Cathedral_SenateSquare_HelsinkiDuring Helsinki Day the city centre is packed with a wide variety of free events, outdoor concerts, guided tours, exhibitions, open houses, art and music performances, activities etc. organised by local companies, organisations, associations and residents. There is plenty to Continue reading


10 Things to See and Do in Tallinn’s Hipster District of Kalamaja

Kalamaja, a former fishermen’s district, today one of the trendiest areas in Tallinn, is most definitely the place where I want to hang out when visiting Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Here you can find local living, abandoned factories as well as off-beat cafes, restaurants, trendy boutiques and a lot more. My favourite things to see and do in Kalamaja are as follows, if you get a chance, go and explore!Tallinn_TelliskiviLoomelinnak

1. Shop like a Soviet at Balti Jaam Market

At Balti Jaam Market you can truly shop like a Soviet in the old times. Here they sell anything and everything you can possibly imagine – from boat engines to antiques and from second-hand clothes to bullet cases. They also have the cheapest prices for fruit and vegetables in the city. Balti Jaam Market is a sight on its own, it can be depressing and Continue reading