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TOP 5 Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2017

Year 2017 was my third year as a blogger, and I must say that the last 3 years have been the most exciting years of my life. 3 years filled with exhilarating adventures around the world, both near and far.In 2017 I wrote a total of 48 posts, nearly one post per week, which I think is a good frequency since I want to be able to create quality content. I am also extremely happy that in 2017 I was able to more than double my blog traffic from Continue reading



My Travel Bucket List for Summer 2017

As some of you may know, I am a person who loves planning and creating lists. Sometimes I wish I was not like this but what can I do! On the other hand, when it is related to travelling, having a good time and enjoying life I don’t think it can be a bad thing right?

For the upcoming summer I have created a list of things to see and do, both locally and internationally, however, I have not locked any final plans or booked tickets yet. So I almost already know what to do this summer and my Continue reading


TOP 5 Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2016

Year 2016 was my second year as a blogger, but it was my first full year of blogging. In 2016 I published a total of 46 posts, nearly one post per week, and I will keep it that way in the future too, since I want to create quality content.

Earlier we already looked back at the highlights of my travels in 2016. But what posts did you like best? Let’s review. Here are the Top 5 Blog Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2016. Looks like Tallinn and Helsinki are scoring high!top5in20161 Continue reading


Best 9 Instagram Photos 2016

Year 2016 was a great year with lots of exciting experiences and I was happy to share my adventures around the world, near and far, also on my Instagram @tickettoadventures with a total of 250 photos. Thank you for following, liking and commenting, they are all very much appreciated. This is a glimpse of my top photos in 2016, most of them have also been featured on my blog posts. Which one is your favourite?tickettoadventures_instagram

Continue reading


Looking Back at Year 2016 on Ticket to Adventures

Year 2016 has nearly come to an end so let’s stop and look back at the highlights of the past year. This year has been extremely hectic as I have been doing extremely long hours at work, studying a part-time MBA on the side but fortunately I have also managed to do some travelling and quite a bit of blogging, too.helsinki_finland_winter_03Unfortunately I did not have as much time to travel around the globe as I would have wanted to, however, I did travel to Estonia, Thailand, Greece and Denmark. Continue reading


7 Places in Tallinn to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Last week I travelled to Tallinn for the weekend to see what the Christmas time in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is all about. Even though I visit Tallinn regularly at least a couple of times a year, as it only takes 2 hours by ferry from Helsinki, this was my first visit to the city during the festive season. During the weekend I did lots of great Christmassy things and want to share my best experiences and best places to soak up Christmas spirit in Tallinn.fotor_148171491614737

1. Tallinn Christmas Market

After dropping off my bag at the hotel I headed to the annual Tallinn Christmas Market held at the Town Hall Square in the very heart of the medieval Tallinn Old Town by the majestic Town Hall. This is definitely the best place Continue reading


10 Things to See and Do in Tallinn’s Hipster District of Kalamaja

Kalamaja, a former fishermen’s district, today one of the trendiest areas in Tallinn, is most definitely the place where I want to hang out when visiting Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Here you can find local living, abandoned factories as well as off-beat cafes, restaurants, trendy boutiques and a lot more. My favourite things to see and do in Kalamaja are as follows, go and explore if you get a chance!Tallinn_TelliskiviLoomelinnak

1. Visit Balti Jaam Market

Only a few years back this modern market used to be a depressing bargain hunter’s paradise where you could shop like a Soviet in the old times. The newly restored modern Balti Jaam Market Continue reading