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Stepping Back in Time in Medieval Rhodes Old Town

Medieval Rhodes Old Town is surrounded by a 4 km long medieval wall with seven impressive gates and a wide moat. Entering any of these gates is like stepping centuries back in time to a completely different world.rhodestown_mandrakiharbourrhodes_oldtown_castle_02rhodes_oldtown_07

One of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, the medieval city of Rhodes was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 for being a unique example of a particular medieval architectural style of the period of the Crusades combining byzantine, french and spanish influences with frankish and ottoman buildings.rhodes_oldtown_06rhodes_oldtown_street_02

Historically the medieval city of Rhodes was divided into two parts. The Collachium in the north housing official buildings associated with the knights’ order and their living quarters. And the larger southern part where the commoners lived in the Turkish and Jewish quarters.rhodes_oldtown_castlerhodes_oldtown_09

Discovering the medieval town is a lengthy business with so much to see and do: medieval walls with towers, gates, bastions, and battlements. Monuments, castles, churches, mosques, museums. Cafes, restaurants, shops, bazaars and so much more.rhodes_oldtown_08rhodes_oldtown_05

I spent one full day exploring Rhodes Old Town and I think I only managed to scratch the surface. One evening I returned here to see how the quarters come to life after dark. Here are some of my favourite places that should not be missed in medieval Rhodes Old Town:

Rhodes old town gatesrhodes_oldtown_gate

Rhodes old town walls and moatrhodes_oldtown_moat

Street of the Knights (Ippoton)rhodes_oldtown_streetoftheknights

Palace of the Grand Mastersrhodes_oldtown_palaceofthegrandmasters

Archaeological Museum of Rhodesrhodes_oldtown_archaeologicalmuseum

To Roloi Clock Towerrhodes_oldtown_toroloi_clocktower

Süleyman Mosquerhodes_oldtown_suleymanmosque

Ottoman Library and gardensrhodes_oldtown_ottomanlibrary

Narrow alleys of the Turkish quarterrhodes_oldtown_street_01

Sokratous Streetrhodes_oldtown_sokratousstreet

Shops and bazaars on Sokratous Streetrhodes_oldtown_bazaar

Ippokratous Squarerhodes_oldtown_11

Quiet back streets of the Jewish quarterrhodes_oldtown_10

Lady of the Castle Cathedralrhodes_oldtown_ladyofthecastlecathedral

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