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Oslo Street Art: Colourful Tøyen, Norway

On our last morning in Oslo after a nice and light breakfast at a local bakery we did a self guided street art walking tour in the neighbourhood of Tøyen, where we stayed during our long weekend in Oslo.street art toyen oslo Continue reading



Christiania: Open-air Street Art Gallery of Copenhagen, Denmark

You may have read on my previous post that exploring Copenhagen’s Freetown Christiania is definitely an adventure not to miss when you are visiting Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is literally a trip to another world where norms and laws of a regular society do not apply. Continue reading


Helsinki Street Art: Guide to Pasila Street Art District

The suburb of Pasila some 3 km outside Helsinki city centre has always been an eyesore to me. A sad and dodgy neighbourhood with large grey concrete blocks of flats and offices. A dreary place where I do not want to set my foot unless more than necessary. Here you can literally see more than fifty shades of grey. Continue reading


Helsinki Street Art

During the past few weeks I have discovered a totally new side of Helsinki – urban street art of Helsinki. Now that it is summer I commute to places mostly by bicycle instead of car or public transportation. This has totally opened my eyes to new things such as urban art. Earlier I did not realise that there is a wealth of creative street art everywhere in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, making the city a lot more vivid and colourful.Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_11Helsinki_streetart_baana_01Last summer I was curious enough to visit Suvilahti graffiti wall to see some street art but some time back when Continue reading