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Hiking to Kadifekale Castle through the Slums of Izmir, Turkey

Definitely the highlight of Izmir! Locals advised me to stay away from Kadifekale. They said Kadifekale is too dangerous. They did not tell me why or maybe they did but it was completely lost in translation as not many locals in Izmir speak English. So I was left wondering why? izmir kadifekaleWhy should I avoid Kadifekale? The first things that crossed my mind were: Drugs? Guns? Criminal activity? Mafia? I did do some research and found a few Continue reading



Colourful Photo Tour of Izmir, Turkey

Even though I did not fully fall in love with Izmir, Turkey’s third city, I did find the city a very intriguing melting pot of east and west, old and new, traditional Turkey and modern Mediterranean Europe.izmir turkeyIzmir is loaded with hustle and bustle, noise and odour. What amazed me the most was the amount of Continue reading


Top 15 Things to Do and See in Izmir, Turkey

From bustling bazaars to ancient attractions and shimmering Aegean Sea, Izmir has a lot to do and see. 2–3 days is plenty to explore the highlights of Izmir city, after which you will be ready to experience what the province of Izmir has to offer. I have compiled a list of best things to see and do in Izmir to add to your itinerary and make the most of your visit to Izmir, Turkey’s third city.izmirizmir asansör Continue reading



Izmir: Shopping Like a Local at Kemeralti Bazaar

Kemeralti is a historical market area of Izmir, the lively heart and soul of the city, where you can enjoy hustle and bustle 7 days a week. Izmir’s Kemeralti bazaar dating back to the 17th century is similar to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.The market stretches over a large area from Konak Square all the way through to the ancient Agora. In the bazaar area you can try to navigate by looking for the minarets of the main mosques, which lie in the centre of the district. I opted to forget maps, map apps and minarets because getting lost in the narrow alleyways Continue reading



Guide to Izmir – Turkey’s Third City with a Mediterranean Twist

Izmir. You may be familiar with this city but I had absolutely no idea about the existence of this Turkey’s third largest city until last summer when I impromptu booked a one-way flight to Izmir. I really was not that picky about the destination as I just wanted to travel anywhere warm within Europe, preferably the Mediterranean. My flight to Izmir was not the cheapest ever but Izmir seemed to be a good starting point for my adventures around Turkey and the Greek archipelago.

Where is Izmir located? How to get to Izmir?

Izmir, in antiquity known as Smyrna, is located by the waters of the Gulf of Izmir on the west coast of Turkey, the Aegean Sea at its front and mountains on its back. Izmir can easily be reached by any Continue reading



Colourful Streets of Copenhagen

Wandering the streets of Copenhagen on a grey and cold winter’s day can be a lot of fun, you just need to have the right state of mind. And a camera will go a log way, too. Copenhagen’s endless amount of colourful houses really brings the Danish capital to life and gives the city its unique charm. It would be a waste not to enjoy and capture the best of colourful Copenhagen.The most iconic place to spot colourful houses in Copenhagen is Continue reading



10 Free Things to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for its vibrant foodie scene, inspiring architecture, quality design, and hip, trendy atmosphere. However, Copenhagen cannot be considered a budget destination. Truthfully, I was shocked when I realised how expensive the Danish capital really was. At home in Helsinki I am used to living a life that is expensive but the prices in Copenhagen really hit me hard.Fortunately, there are many things to do and see in Copenhagen for free, so you don’t necessarily end up overspending when Continue reading