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free things to do in copenhagen denmark


Colourful Streets of Copenhagen, Denmark

Wandering the streets of Copenhagen on a grey and cold winter’s day can be a lot of fun, you just need to have the right state of mind. And a camera will go a log way, too. Copenhagen’s endless amount of colourful houses really brings the Danish capital to life and gives the city its unique charm. It would be a waste not to enjoy and capture the best of colourful Copenhagen.The most iconic place to spot colourful houses in Copenhagen is Continue reading

free things to do in copenhagen denmark


10 Free Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is known for its vibrant foodie scene, inspiring architecture, quality design, and hip, trendy atmosphere. However, Copenhagen cannot be considered a budget destination. Truthfully, I was shocked when I realised how expensive the Danish capital really was. At home in Helsinki I am used to living a life that is expensive but the prices in Copenhagen really hit me hard.Fortunately, there are many things to do and see in Copenhagen for free, so you don’t necessarily end up overspending when Continue reading


Best 9 Instagram Photos 2017

2017 was a fantastic travel year with bucketloads of new exciting experiences. I was happy to share my adventures around the world, near and far, also on my Instagram @tickettoadventures with 335 photos. Thank you for following, liking and commenting, they are all very much appreciated.

This is a glimpse of my top photos in 2017. Some of these have also been featured on my blog posts, however not all so I want to share them here on the blog too. Which one is your favourite?

Continue reading

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Best Places to Soak Up Christmas Spirit in Copenhagen, Denmark

During the festive Christmas season Copenhagen is full of wonderful spots to indulge in Christmas magic and Danish hygge. Beautiful Christmas decorations and twinkling festive lights bring sparkle and glow into the grey winter darkness. Christmas markets can be found in almost every corner in Copenhagen city centre. Let’s take a look at my favourite places in Copenhagen to soak up Christmas cheer:

1. Kronprinsensgade

This small street of Kronprinsensgade in Copenhagen city centre is every Instagrammer’s paradise during the festive season when the street is decorated with a long blanket of sparkly lights.

Kronprinsensgade, 1114 Copenhagen Continue reading



Christiania: Open-air Street Art Gallery of Copenhagen, Denmark

You may have read on my previous post that exploring Copenhagen’s Freetown Christiania is definitely an adventure not to miss when you are visiting Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It is literally a trip to another world where norms and laws of a regular society do not apply. Continue reading

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A Trip to Another World in Copenhagen’s Freetown Christiania, Denmark

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without an outing in Copenhagen’s free-spirited “green” commune known as Freetown Christiania. Exploring this hippie town of alternative people is literally a trip to another world where norms and laws of a regular society do not apply. Continue reading

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Best Things to Do and See in Copenhagen in Winter, Denmark

Having visited all Scandinavian capitals, I can honestly say that Copenhagen is my favourite Scandi capital. Copenhagen is a charming city all year round, with an interesting mix of old and new architecture, friendly people, lively streets and vibrant foodie scene. Not to forget the wide variety things to do and see in Copenhagen.Winter in Copenhagen may be cold and wet, and even white and snowy. So you should wear lots of layers to stay warm. The world-famous Danish hygge will Continue reading

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Festive Copenhagen Christmas Lights, Denmark

During the festive Christmas season Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is filled with great opportunities to capture Christmas spirit and enjoy the famous Danish hygge. Last weekend I got to witness Copenhagen’s stunning Christmas glory with beautiful Christmas lights, vibrant Christmas markets as well as Tivoli’s magical Christmas wonderland.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_christmaslightsStrøget, Copenhagen’s lively heart and one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets with a wealth of Continue reading

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5 Atmospheric Christmas Markets in Copenhagen, Denmark

What a beautiful Christmas city Copenhagen really is! With atmospheric Christmas markets, stunning seasonal lights and Christmas decorations all over the city, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, must be one of the best cities in Europe where to find real Christmas spirit and exotic Nordic holiday mood.

The best places to soak up Christmas spirit are Copenhagen’s many Christmas markets. Magical Continue reading

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Copenhagen: A Magical Evening at Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas Wonderland, Denmark

Last week I travelled to Copenhagen for a long weekend to explore the city and to experience what the famous Danish “hygge” is all about. I believe hygge means doing things that make you feel warm, cosy and happy and enjoying quality time with your loved ones during the coldest and darkest time of the year. I am sure this something we all can take home from Denmark, a country of the happiest people in the word.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasOn Saturday evening after a busy day of sightseeing it was time to slow down, take it easy and enjoy some Danish hygge in the world’s second oldest theme park Tivoli Gardens fairytale Continue reading