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Countries already explored

So far I have explored a total of 35 countries around the world including my home country Finland. I am also lucky to have had the chance to live in 3 different countries overseas: Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain. The world map below shows all countries that I have visited so far. Mostly I have travelled in Europe and South East Asia, so this means that there are still lots and lots of captivating countries and continents to explore on this planet!


Europe: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Vatican, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey.

Africa: Morocco, Tunisia.

Middle East: Qatar.

Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China.

Oceania: Australia.

North America: Mexico.

Totally undiscovered by me still are South and North America (apart from Mexico). Some day, to be able to say that I have conquered the whole world means that there will be lots of travels and adventures on my agenda in the future!

Countries to be explored

There are plenty amazing countries and captivating destinations that I am currently dreaming of. And every day there will be more thanks to my fellow travel bloggers and friends’ travel stories and photos. Especially the following three destinations are on top of my bucket list:

1. Iceland. I find Iceland a very intriguing destination thanks to its unique nature with glaciers and volcanoes, adventure activities in the outdoors and small city life of Reykjavik. I would love to experience Iceland especially during the summertime when the grass is green and air is fresh, and spend at least a week enjoying the beauty of the country.

2. Cuba is definitely on my to bucket list in the near future as I still wish to see some of the old and authentic Cuba before the country changes completely. I am totally intrigued by Cuba’s history, architecture as well as the Caribbean mentality and lifestyle.

3. New York. The most of us have visited the Big Apple at least once. But I have not. Yet! In New York I wish to experience the bustle of the hectic city that never sleeps, the world-famous must see sights and also do some serious shopping!

20 thoughts on “Destinations

  1. Cools blog you have here ! You’ve been to many places I see ! Keep it up and keep travelling 🙂
    Whereabouts did you travel in Indonesia ? I’m curious to know 🙂


    • Thank you for reading, much appreciated. I have only been to Indonesia once so far, it was way back in time when I lived in Australia and went to Bali on a holiday. However, I am planning to return to Indonesia next year, I would love to exlore the Gili islands and a lot more. What places would you recommend to visit in Indonesia?


  2. I just got back from my first adventure travel went to Central America caye caulker off Belize then Tikal in Guatemala and rio dulce in Guatemala, Honduras and then to Mexico City I now can’t get travel out of my blood Haa! So I am loving your post. Travel is now my favorite hobby!
    Greece looks amazing going to def add that to my list now.
    It is very diff from regular traveling flying in an airport and flying out and staying at nice places I’ll never do that again. Adventuring from one place to another and experiencing local culture without gettig stuck in tourist traps too much seems the best way to go.
    I don’t stay at too nice of hotels but I can’t stay at hostels I like decently nice places but smaller quaint ones not big resorts or anything. I love your blog cause you kind of sound like what I am looking for. As far as my kind of experience.


    • Hey, thank you for your comment. So great to find like-minded tarvellers! Your adventure in Central America sounds very interesting. I want to go and explore thoses places too. Do you think it is safe to travel solo in Central and South America?


  3. Hello! I just found your blog and absolutely love it. Its so inspiring! The world is your oyster :). I was hoping to see that you had been to British Columbia, my boyfriend and I are moving there in November! Keep blogging about your fantastic travels x Em


    • Thank you Em! I am so happy that you found your way to my blog! Unfortunately I have never been to Canada yet, but someday I surely will. Good luck with your new life in Vancouver, it all sounds very exciting and I am sure it will be an adventure of a lifetime.


      • Thank you for your lovely reply! Well, we aren’t there yet that’s for sure 😦 Still stuck in the UK. Thank you for following my blog and hopefully I one day will be able to write a post about how we made it to Canada! xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Great page and what a great view into your travelling future. I am excited to have discovered your blog! Cannot wait for any more beautiful Pictures! 🙂
    Have you been to Hamburg yet?


    • Thank you, I am so happy that you found my blog! I have not had the chance to visit Hamburg yet, and I think it was the early 21st century when I last visited Germany, so it would be about time to revisit! Currently I am island hopping in Thailand, so plenty of stunning pictures coming soon!


  5. Just a suggestion I think you should try out South Korea :).


  6. I have been to Iceland.. But now I wanna go !

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Is your cover picture of Malta? It looks very much like it. I hope you’ll get to New Zealand one day!


    • It is actually from the island of Koh Lipe in Thailand, one of my favourite island destinations! I really do want to go to New Zealand one day, I have heard that the nature over there is spectacular.


  8. Beware: New York City might just take your heart! 🙂


  9. We wait for you in Argentina soon 🙂


  10. I recommend Iceland, it’s such an amazing place !


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