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paras matkakokemus koronavuosi 2020


10 Mieleenpainuvinta matkakokemusta ja kommellusta vuonna 2020

Kyllä koronavuosi 2020 oli täysi floppi. Monen asian suhteen. Kaikki suuret suunnitelmat unelmien reissuvuodesta menivät tietenkin murskaksi ja reissut peruuuntuivat yksi toisensa jälkeen kun korona iski maaliskuussa. Myös omat henkilökohtaiset kasvutavoitteenikin pirstaloituivat vuoden mittaan yksi kerrallaan.

Nyt kun tammikuu alkaa olla jo loppusuoralla ja olen saanut hieman otettua etäisyyttä viime vuoteen ja koronan aiheuttamaan reissuahdinkoon, niin tässä kohtaa pystyn jo jopa ihan hyvillä mielillä katsomaan taaksepäin, koska tiedän, että jotain parempaa on jossain vaiheessa tänä vuonna toivottavasti tiedossa.

Ja okei, vaikka pettymyksiä oli viime vuonna vaikka muille jakaa, niin lohduttavaa tietty on että tilanne oli globaalisti meille kaikille samanlainen. Tällaiselle maailmankansalaiselle, joka on elämänsä aikana tottunut reissaamaan, tulemaan ja menemään pitkin poikin maailmaa niin paljon kuin sielu sietää ja kukkaro kestää niin Continue reading

experiences sousse tunisia


25 Photos That Made Me Fall in Love with Tunisia

Tunisia is just so amazing! Tunisia is a diverse country that offers incredible adventures for all tastes. I travelled around Tunisia for two weeks and I was completely blow away by Tunisia’s beauty in all ways: sunshine, beach, turquoise waters, history, culture, architecture, food, friendly people. What more can you expect?Even though there are many things about Tunisia that I dislike (that is another story) I did fall in love with Tunisia. After seeing the following photos I am convinced that you will be inspired to visit Tunisia as well! There is so much eye candy in Tunisia, don’t you think?! Continue reading

what to see and do in kusadasi turkey


Kusadasi Travel Guide: What to See and Do in Kusadasi, Turkey

The lively town of Kusadasi on Turkey’s west coast is dominated by package tourists from all across Europe and offers plenty to do for all ages. As I wrote in my earlier post, my first impression of Kusadasi was not the best ever, as the town is too touristy and busy for my taste, but on a positive note there are however lots of interesting things to see and do hidden behind the scenes so you just have to go out there and explore! Continue reading


Picture-perfect Postcards from Turkey

Many of you already know that this summer I travelled solo around Turkey for the most amazing 2 months. I discovered bustling cities, quiet small villages, lush green mountains, turquoise seas, golden beaches, ruined ancient cities, Unesco World Heritage Sites and so much more. I was totally blown away by Turkey’s beauty and the wealth of historical and natural attractions. I cannot wait to share all my exciting adventures with you guys but before I do that I would like to Continue reading


Stepping Back in Time in Medieval Rhodes Old Town

Medieval Rhodes Old Town is surrounded by a 4 km long medieval wall with seven impressive gates and a wide moat. Entering any of these gates is like stepping centuries back in time to a completely different world.rhodestown_mandrakiharbour Continue reading


Exploring the Best of Southeast Asia in 2 Months

This is what I had been dreaming of! This is what I had been waiting for! Finally I had the chance to take 2 months off work and do some serious travelling! I had already been travelling in Southeast Asia many times, mostly island hopping in Thailand so this time I wanted to travel around a lot more. I did not have any specific plans made in advance but I knew that in addition to Thailand I also wanted to explore Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, and visit friends along the way.

Bangkok, Thailand

My first destination was Bangkok. During my previous visits to Bangkok I had already explored most of the must-see sights of Bangkok so this time just decided to take it easy, chill out at the hotel rooftop swimming pool as well as concentrate on the entertainment and shopping scene of the city. I went on a shopping spree around the world at Terminal 21 and found local treasures at Chatuchak Weekend Market. At Asiatique I was entertained by a ladyboy cabaret show after which I headed up to Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar on the 47th floor of the Marriot Hotel Sukhumvit to admire the sun set over Bangkok while enjoying some cold drinks.


Siem Reap & Angkor, Cambodia

From Bangkok I flew Air Asia to Siem Reap in Cambodia. Siem Reap is the gateway to the historical Unesco World Heritage site of Angkor, the largest religious complex in the world and one of the most important archaeological sites of Southeast Asia. Continue reading