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Reissusuunnitelmat vuodelle 2019

Kuluvasta vuodesta on taas tulossa hieno ja aktiivinen reissuvuosi! Viime vuoden huikeista reissukokemuksista on vaikea pistää paremmaksi, mutta vaikka itse tämän sanonkin, niin tämä vuosi on varmasti monin kerroin upeampi!

Mun aivojen kovalevy on ollut niin ylikuormittunut viime vuosina ettei ole jäänyt yhtään ylimääräistä kaistaa ajatella mitä kaikkea ihanaa tekisin lomalla sitten kun sellainen koittaa. Hienoja reissuja on kyllä tullut tehtyä, mutta en ole kovinkaan suuria tai tarkkoja reissusuunnitelmia tehnyt etukäteen, vaan päätökset ja varaukset ovat jääneet aina viime tinkaan ja varsinaiset suunnitelmat olen tehnyt vasta reissun päällä. Itse asiassa olen mennyt hyvin pitkälle jopa oman luontoni vastaisesti eli täysin fiiliksen mukaan luovasti säveltäen päivä kerrallaan. Kääk, miten minustakin tuli sellainen?

Tähän on tarvittu omassa päässäni vahvaa mentaliteetin muutosta ja siihen syynä on ollut liian hektinen, suorituskeskeinen ja muutosrikas elämä. Ihan siis toki positiivinen asia, että suunnitelmallinen ja kontrollihakuinen ihminen oppii tässä vaiheessa elämää omaksumaan ominaisuuksia Continue reading


TOP 5 Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2017

Year 2017 was my third year as a blogger, and I must say that the last 3 years have been the most exciting years of my life. 3 years filled with exhilarating adventures around the world, both near and far.In 2017 I wrote a total of 48 posts, nearly one post per week, which I think is a good frequency since I want to be able to create quality content. I am also extremely happy that in 2017 I was able to more than double my blog traffic from Continue reading

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Koh Kham, Thailand – Scenic Island with Black Volcanic Rocks and White Powdery Beaches

After exploring Koh Mak by bicycle for two days and celebrating Thai New Year & Songkran Water Festival I still had one full day left before heading back home. In the morning after breakfast I headed to Ao Suan Yai Beach on the north-west coast of Koh Mak and bought a boat ticket at Koh Mak Resort to go to the neighbouring island of Koh Kham, a privately owned small paradise island just 1 km off Koh Mak.The boat ride from Koh Mak to Koh Kham took no more than 5 minutes and Continue reading

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Walking to Koh Rayang Nai from Koh Mak at Low Tide, Thailand

One day in Koh Mak I was enjoying a lazy afternoon on Ao Kao Beach and observing what the few other people on the beach were up to. I noticed a couple of people first walking on the beach and then put on their sandals, went into the water and started to wade towards the small island just off shore. After a while they returned the same way.Later that evening I asked my hotel owner about the island next door, Koh Rayang Nai. I was advised that the island is easily reached by kayak in no time or if I wanted Continue reading

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Celebrating Thai New Year & Songkran Water Festival in Koh Mak, Thailand

If you are in Thailand 13–15 April you should prepare yourself for Songkran, Thailand’s famous New Year celebrations. The Songkran Festival is a time of renewal and paying respect to Buddhism. The ritual of cleansing is to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year.

Songkran also marks the end of the dry season (April being Thailand’s hottest month) and the beginning of the tropical rains. Songkran is the longest public holiday in Thailand, which gives local people an opportunity to get together with friends and family.Today Songkran is known for its water festival, which is celebrated by locals and visitors alike. In cities streets are closed for traffic, and used as Continue reading

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Exploring Koh Mak by Bicycle: Day 2

Having enjoyed such an active day exploring the eastern parts of Koh Mak by bicycle on Day 1, I was excited to start Day 2 with my bike, now with plans to see what the western part of the island had to offer.I started the day from my bungalow after late breakfast and took a paved road that goes to the centre of the island first passing a disc golf course and some resorts. Then going up a very long steep hill leading to Vista Lookout Point in the back garden of Continue reading

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Exploring Koh Mak by Bicycle: Day 1

The beautiful Thai island of Koh Mak is a low carbon and sustainable destination so what could be a better way to explore the island than by bicycle! I absolutely love biking and of course I also wanted to respect and support the green values of the island, so I rented a bicycle for two days instead of a motorbike.Koh Mak is fairly small in size, just 10 kilometers wide and 5 kilometers long. The terrain in Koh Mak is mostly flat with a few hills in the interior, natural forest alongside lush groves of coconut and rubber trees, making it Continue reading