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Best Things to Do and See in Copenhagen in Winter

Having visited all Scandinavian capitals, I can honestly say that Copenhagen is my favourite Scandi capital. Copenhagen is a charming city all year round, with an interesting mix of old and new architecture, friendly people, lively streets and vibrant foodie scene. Not to forget the wide variety things to do and see in Copenhagen.Winter in Copenhagen may be cold and wet, and even white and snowy. So you should wear lots of layers to stay warm. The world-famous Danish hygge will Continue reading



5 New Places to Visit in Helsinki 2017

I must say that I am extremely happy to live in such a vibrant and evolving city as what Helsinki is today. Recently lots of new interesting places and revamped oldies but goldies have appeared on the map in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I can proudly introduce the following 5 novelties that I find very captivating as they bring a revitalising vibe to the cultural and restaurant scene of Helsinki.

1. Dock yard Konepajahalli R24

This revamped former dock yard Konepajahalli R24 in Telakkaranta in the district of Punavuori by the sea at the southwestern edge of the city, is becoming a bohemian Continue reading


9 New Places to Visit in Helsinki 2016

Again this summer, many fascinating new places of interest have opened up in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, especially by the seaside and in the archipelago but also on the outskirts of the city centre. The following new places are my absolute favourites this summer!Helsinki_loyly_02

1 + 2. Former Military Islands of Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari

Formerly used for military purposes by the Finnish Defence Forces, these two mysterious secret islands, Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari in Helsinki archipelago, were opened to the public in May 2016. With plenty of unspoilt wild nature the islands offer a chance to Continue reading


10 Things to See and Do in Tallinn’s Hipster District of Kalamaja

Kalamaja, a former fishermen’s district, today one of the trendiest areas in Tallinn, is most definitely the place where I want to hang out when visiting Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Here you can find local living, abandoned factories as well as off-beat cafes, restaurants, trendy boutiques and a lot more. My favourite things to see and do in Kalamaja are as follows, go and explore if you get a chance!Tallinn_TelliskiviLoomelinnak

1. Visit Balti Jaam Market

Only a few years back this modern market used to be a depressing bargain hunter’s paradise where you could shop like a Soviet in the old times. The newly restored modern Balti Jaam Market Continue reading


Top Things to Do and See in Bangkok

Bangkok – also known as Venice of the East and City of Angels – is a fascinating blend of east and west, old and new. The capital of Thailand with nearly 9 million inhabitants is a city of drastic contrasts, a metropolis where ancient and modern meet.  Luxury shopping centres, fancy rooftop cocktail lounges, chic upscale restaurants. Historical temples, street food, street markets. Red-lights district, large slum communities. Bangkok is hot, dynamic, hectic, chaotic and polluted. Traffic everywhere, people everywhere.Bangkok_grandpalace01Bangkok_trafficBangkok thrives with energy and offers a vast array of sightseeing, shopping, eating and drinking opportunities. There is so much to do and see in Bangkok that most definitely you will not get bored. Having visited Bangkok 4 times now, I must say that Continue reading


A Day Discovering Man Caves in Helsinki Design District

Already for a very long time I have wanted to explore the small designer shops of Helsinki Design District but simply have not had the time for it. I had heard cool and new manly design shops opening lately so me and my friend decided to explore the masculine side of shopping instead of our regular shopping day out on the town with the girls. So a couple of days back we spent a whole day strolling in Helsinki Design District discovering unique man cave treasures and admiring the beautiful National Romantic architectural style of the area.HelsinkiDesignDistrict_Pinkomo_05 Continue reading


TOP 5 Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2015

Year 2015 was my first year as a blogger. It has been quite a ride with lots of exciting travel and adventures, and I must say I have enjoyed every single second of it! Having put countless hours of work and my heart and soul in it I am tremendously happy to have been able to write posts that people love to read and that I have gained such a large number of dedicated readers and followers.

As you may know, I love my blog statistics, so with this post I want to share the TOP 5 posts on my travel blog Ticket to Adventures in 2015 measured by the number of unique visitors. It seems that Helsinki, the capital of Finland, totally rocks, as all TOP 5 posts are about Helsinki! And a couple of pleasant surprises along the way, too!


1.  Fifty Shades of Autumn in Helsinki

The most popular post by far is about autumn in Helsinki. Nature’s colour galore was the most beautiful ever, so there was nothing I would rather do than go on long walks to enjoy the playful game of colours and perfect autumn weather with clear blue skies and sunshine. Continue reading