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Stunning Mexican Caribbean Natural Island Beauty on Cozumel, Mexico

Having explored beautiful paradise beaches, historical Mayan pyramids as well as small colourful villages in the Yucatan Peninsula, it was time to hop on the boat and head to Cozumel, a small Caribbean island just off the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico. Cozumel offers deserted, windswept beautiful natural beaches, wild and vibrant natural parks, long stretches of coral reef, friendly people, and colourful safe streets in the town of San Miguel.


Cozumel is also a popular Caribbean cruise ship destination that welcomes more than one million cruise passengers each year and up to eight ships per day. That sounds like a huge amount of tourists but I actually found the island relatively quiet. I also heard that the island was badly beaten in 2005 by Hurricane Wilma, but, with few exceptions, the island has been completely repaired. Continue reading


Climbing Mayan Pyramids in Cobá, Mexico

The small and quiet village of Cobá, with 1300 inhabitants, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, is the gateway to the famous archaeological site of Cobá with Mayan pyramids and ruins. The town is located about 90 km east of the world-known Chichen Itza and 44 km northwest of the beautiful beach town of Tulum via a modern road. The village itself offers really not much to see or do other than quiet village life, however the archaeological site with Mayan pyramids and ruins was amazing!


Cobá means ‘waters stirred by the wind’ or ‘ruffled waters’ as the Mayan civilisation is located on two lagoons; the Cobá Lagoon, which can be seen as you drive up to the ruins entrance and Macamxoc Lagoon which can be viewed once you enter the ruin site. Continue reading

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Colourful Small Town Character in Tulum Pueblo, Mexico

Tulum offers three very distinct communities in one little town: the Tulum ruins, the Tulum beach and the Tulum Pueblo (town). Having already explored the Mayan ruins and paradise beaches in Tulum, it was time to hit Tulum Pueblo.

The charming small town of Tulum, located 60 km south of Playa del Carmen along highway 307, on the coast of Riviera Maya, is easily accessible from different parts of the Yucatan peninsula by colectivo, bus, taxi or rental car. The town is situated approximately 4 km inland from the beach, just a few kilometres south of the Mayan ruins.

The main street on the highway leading into the pueblo is an active area offering inexpensive open-air restaurants, cosy cafes, colourful craft shops, hostels and hotels.




Exploring the back streets of the town I found a thriving and active Mayan community that felt like the heart of Tulum. Local dwelling, happy children playing around on dirt roads, colourful wall paintings, and small traditional eateries. Little gems and jewels that should not be missed! Continue reading

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Mayan Myths and Paradise Beaches in Tulum, Mexico

My holiday in Playa del Carmen was not at all what I had expected. No sleep. No relaxation. No happy thoughts. So, to experience Mexico the more original and authentic way I decided to flee the busy town and explore places of history, archaeology and natural beauty in the Yucatan Peninsula.


As soon as I packed my small backpack and headed out of Playa del Carmen I was happy and excited again! My first destination was the small town of Tulum, 60 km south of Playa del Carmen along Riviera Maya, known for ancient Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches. Continue reading


When Things Don’t Go as Expected: Destination Unknown Mexico – Playa del Carmen

As you already know, I don’t do package holidays. But exception proves the rule. I was keeping extremely busy and wanted to go on a beach holiday as soon possible and with as little effort as possible because I simply did not have the time to shop around for flights and hotels. All I wanted from this holiday was sun, sleep and relaxation. Nothing much. So I decided to take a last-minute package deal including flights and accommodation. Destination Mexico.


Normally this time of the year I would have travelled to Asia to seek the sun, but now I wanted something totally different. Mexico had been on my bucket list for a very very long time already and as I had never been to North America or South America before, I decided that it was about time head west instead of east!


The only thing I knew about my package deal was that the flight destination was Cancun and that the tour operator would accommodate me somewhere in the Yucatan Peninsula. As I knew nothing in advance I decided to take this experience as an adventure without any specific plans or high expectations. Continue reading