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Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Lapinlahti Former Psychiatric Hospital

One of the many hidden secrets of Helsinki that not even all locals know about let alone tourists and visitors, is the former psychiatric hospital area of Lapinlahti. With prime location right by the sea surrounded by a large leafy green park fairly close to Helsinki city centre, this place boasts fascinating history and depressing hospital stories all the way from the 1840s. Today Lapinlahti is a communal place that invites everyone to relax the mind and body as well as enjoy culture, arts and events. Continue reading



Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Dock Yard Konepajahalli R24

This revamped former dock yard Konepajahalli R24 in Telakkaranta in the district of Punavuori by the sea at the southwestern edge of the city, is becoming a bohemian cultural hub of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. This spot is still fairly unknown and makes an exciting place for urban adventures in historical industrial settings.Dock Yard Konepajahalli R24 was originally designed by Sune Maconi. Today the over 100 years old red brick building with rough looks and a massive Continue reading


Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park

This Japanese inspired garden, Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park (Roihuvuoren Kirsikkapuisto), in the district of Roihuvuori must be one of the most exotic parks in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. With more than 240 cherry trees and an abundance of soft blossoms wafting a mild cherry scent it feels like walking in a pink fairytale world.I have heard and read many stories about this place but Continue reading


Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Presidential Palace

Yesterday we had the rare opportunity to visit the Presidential Palace in Helsinki during their open house celebrating Finland’s centennial. The Presidential Palace (Presidentinlinna) is very seldom open to the public, meaning that the whole of Finland and all tourists were on the move. And so was I, of course!We arrived at the palace 30 minutes before the opening time to find that there was a long queue lining round the block. So to the end of the line we went. After Continue reading


Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Oil Silo 468

Last night at sunset I took the opportunity to visit Oil Silo 468 (Öljysäiliö 468), a retired oil silo on the sea shores of Helsinki, that a couple of years ago was transformed into a permanent urban light installation.helsinki_oilsilo468Oil Silo 468 is most definitely a hidden secret of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, as it is rarely open to the public but now during Continue reading


Helsinki: Secret Garden Getaways in the City

Our cities hide a huge amount of secret paradises that are hidden from the general public’s eye. This summer I have gone out and about to discover totally new sides of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. And yes, I have found truly incredible hidden gems. Helsinki street art totally blew me away with colourful graffitis and murals. Whereas the dark side of Helsinki can been explored at Kruunuvuori Ghost Town. However, the hidden green secret of Helsinki is definitely the beautiful allotment and community garden areas with cute little summer cottages (siirtolapuutarha in Finnish).Helsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_red_03A secret green garden with a small holiday house in the city. How does that sound to you? I absolutely love the sound of this. And yes, they do exist in Helsinki, almost in the city centre. Continue reading


Helsinki: Secret Adventures in Kruunuvuori Ghost Town

Kruunuvuori ghost town with abandoned and collapsed villas, spooky atmosphere and burned down ruins of what once served as seaside summer residencies of the rich is most definitely one of the best kept secrets of Helsinki. Even though I have lived all my life in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, I did not hear about Kruunuvuori ghost town until a few months back and immediately wanted to explore the darker side of Helsinki.Helsinki_KruunuvuoriGhostTown_villa_07 Continue reading