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Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Oil Silo 468


Last night at sunset I took the opportunity to visit Oil Silo 468 (Öljysäiliö 468), a retired oil silo on the sea shores of Helsinki, that a couple of years ago was transformed into a permanent urban light installation.helsinki_oilsilo468Oil Silo 468 is most definitely a hidden secret of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, as it is rarely open to the public but now during three weekends in September and October it can be accessed on Saturday and Sunday nights.helsinki_oilsilo468The urban artwork stands right by the water in the district of Kruunuvuorenranta fairly close to Kruunuvuori Ghost Town’s abandoned villas. Even though the location is only a couple of kilometres from Helsinki city centre you really have to make an effort to get here as this place is pretty much in the middle of nowhere in a former oil harbour.helsinki_kruunuvuorenrantaHaving said that, the light artwork of Oil Silo 468 represents the area’s long history as an oil harbour and oil terminal.helsinki_oilsilo468The steel shell of Oil Silo 468 is punched with 2012 holes letting daylight flood inside during the day creating absolutely gorgeous shadows on the northern walls with no perforations.helsinki_oilsilo468The silo is huge in size and the interiors are painted deep red.helsinki_oilsilo468Last night the sun made the silo bathe in beautiful pink light before setting behind Helsinki city centre horizon. Together with dark blue sea and trees dressed in orange and yellow autumn foliage the scenery was spectacular.helsinki_oilsilo468helsinki_sunsetAfter sunset the 2012 openings of Oil Silo 468 were illuminated by led lights placed on the interior creating a fascinating light display.helsinki_oilsilo468helsinki_oilsilo468From the outside the silo glowed like a white lantern as the lights went on and off.helsinki_oilsilo468helsinki_oilsilo468When the evening turned into night the light became deep red referring to the former use of the silo as a container of energy. I was told that the rhythm of the led lights is dictated by weather conditions such as wind speed creating continually changing light patterns.

Oil Silo 468 | Koirasaarentie, 00590 Helsinki

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9 thoughts on “Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Oil Silo 468

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  3. What an exciting art project! I’l have to remember this one if we go back to Helsinki:)


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  5. Amazing photos!! I had plans to go there too but ditched it at the last moment. Glad you clicked such pretty photos.


  6. What an amazing piece of art work! Your autumnal photographs are stunning with the setting sun. Such a clever idea for an old oil silo!


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