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Finding the Essence of Finnish Design at Iittala & Arabia Design Centre in Helsinki


You may have heard of design brands such as Iittala and Arabia? These two brands are the most well-known Finnish design brands for tableware and glassware, and I can guarantee that every single Finnish person owns at least a few pieces by Iittala and Arabia, not to forget their sister brands Fiskars and Hackman.IittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreJust a couple of months back in November 2016 Iittala and Arabia joined their forces to open a new Iittala & Arabia Design Centre in the former Arabia factory in the district of Arabia in Helsinki, bringing bestsellers, classics and limited edition pieces by both brands under one roof.fotor_14874410831286IittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreThe new Design Museum on the 9th floor of the building displays history of Finnish ceramic art and glass design with pieces dating all the way from 1870s up to today and the future as a timeline of cups and glasses.

It was very interesting to see the history and variety of pieces displayed as a timeline and recognise several historic pieces that my grandmother used to own, many pieces that today my mother has got in her kitchen and lots of modern designs that I have at home and use in my everyday life.IittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreIn addition to the Design Museum, the 9th floor also includes spaces such as the Design Lab open for everyone to come and create, experiment, dream, design and feel inspired, as well as some artits’ studios by Arabia Art Department Society.IittalaArabiaDesignCentreThe Iittala & Arabia flagship store downstairs on the 2nd floor is a haven for all design lovers. Here you can find everything by Iittala and Arabia: glassware, dining, interior and home decor products etc. The store is minimalistic at the same time being very attractive and spacious with large and comfortable seating areas to relax and admire the beautiful decor and take a break from shopping.IittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentreIittalaArabiaDesignCentre

Location: Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, Hämeentie 135, 00560 HelsinkiIittalaArabiaDesignCentreDo you have any pieces by Iittala or Arabia at home? What is your favourite lifestyle or design brand?

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7 thoughts on “Finding the Essence of Finnish Design at Iittala & Arabia Design Centre in Helsinki

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  3. I bought an Arabia jug, platter and bowl, white with strawberries, in the 1970s. I still have them along with lots of other pieces collected over the years.


  4. Thank you for bringing this design museum to my attention Piia. I usually try and fit in a visit to the Arabia outlet when I’m in Helsinki and our home is filled with tea lights in different colours of glass and we also have several Arabia coffee mugs and a biscuit jar! What I really desire though is a large Aalto vase but I’m frightened to take one home in case it gets broken in transit. I have seen them in shops n England, too but they are very expensive yet so beautiful, maybe one day! Marion


    • Wow you have lots of Finnish design at home, I am very impressed! Iittala tea lights are very cute, I have lots of them at home too, right now in three different colours on my coffee table in the living room, and I am just having some tea from a pink Moomin mug. I absolutely love Aalto vases too, I only have a small one, but would love to have a large one too. Would be so pretty with tulips in different colours. And yes, they are very expensive…

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