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Helsinki Street Art


During the past few weeks I have discovered a totally new side of Helsinki – urban street art of Helsinki. Now that it is summer I commute to places mostly by bicycle instead of car or public transportation. This has totally opened my eyes to new things such as urban art. Earlier I did not realise that there is a wealth of creative street art everywhere in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, making the city a lot more vivid and colourful.Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_11Helsinki_streetart_baana_01Last summer I was curious enough to visit Suvilahti graffiti wall to see some street art but some time back when I rode my bike through the area again, I was totally blown away by the number of skillful artwork and wanted to dig deeper. Since then I have encountered numerous places with absolutely gorgeous urban art along my bike rides. The following are the best of the best that I have discovered along my bike rides, mostly located outside the city centre but there are some pretty amazing pieces in Helsinki city centre, too.Helsinki_streetart_Roihupelto_05Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_06


The newest addition to Helsinki’s street art scene is the underpass of Emännänpolku in Kontula, the famously dodgy neighbourhood in the eastern part of Helsinki. Last weekend the grey walls of the underpass were painted with 12 absolutely gorgeous pieces of artwork by a group of talented female street artist, and now the place absolutely blossoms with bright colours. Location: Emännänpolku, 00940 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_kontula_05Helsinki_streetart_kontula_03Helsinki_streetart_kontula_02Suvilahti

The old industrial area of Suvilahti with former power plants and gasometers approximately 5 km outside the city centre is my absolute favourite place to explore urban street art in Helsinki. I think this is the largest concentration of street art in town with two long graffiti walls, a skateboard park and so much more. Here I had the chance to watch two artists at work, how cool to see people in their element!Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_03Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_10Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_14Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_12In addition to the two official graffiti walls, in Suvilahti there is art work everywhere. Buildings, walls, staircases, road blockers, electric metre boxes, lamp posts, trucks, pavement and all other possible surfaces have received their share of urban art. Here street art blends extremely well into the rough urban environment and brightens up the grey industrial landscape. Today Suvilahti area also hosts a cultural centre with plenty of cultural activities, events and festivals. Location: Suvilahti, 00540 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_suvilahti_13Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_08Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_01Helsinki_streetart_suvilahti_09Kalasatama and Sompasaari Island

The former industrial port areas of Kalasatama and Sompasaari Island next to Suvilahti right behind Helsingin Energia power plant are also perfect places to spot street art. The area is undergoing major redevelopment as it is being transformed into a new residential area. There are several construction sites but heading towards Café Ihana Kahvila at the southern far end of the island will provide the best urban art adventures with hundreds of sea containers painted in colouful street art. Location: Kalasatama and Sompasaari, 00540 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_kalasatama_01Helsinki_streetart_kalasatama_02Helsinki_streetart_kalasatama_03A coffee break at Café Ihana Kahvila (Café Lovely) surrounded by street art in the middle of nowhere by the sea with amazing views over the city centre is an exciting experience in itself! Location: Nihtikuja, 00540 HelsinkiIhanaKahvila_HelsinkiKruunuvuori ghost town

This spooky place, Kruunuvuori ghost town, with abandoned villas and charred ruins of what once served as seaside summer residencies of the rich is most definitely one of the best kept secrets of Helsinki. Most of the villas have been damaged with all sorts of scribblings, writing and paintings, but I guess some of them can also be seen as urban art as they look very cool. A visit to this site is a true secret adventure off the beaten path. Read more about Kruunuvuori ghost town here. Location: Kruunuvuori ghost town, 00590 HelsinkiHelsinki_KruunuvuoriGhostTown_villa_07Helsinki_streetart_kruunuvuori_01Helsinki_streetart_kruunuvuori_03Helsinki_streetart_kruunuvuori_05Helsinki_streetart_kruunuvuori_02Helsinki_KruunuvuoriGhostTown_graffiti_08Helsinki_KruunuvuoriGhostTown_graffiti_06Helsinki_streetart_kruunuvuori_04Helsinki_streetart_kruunuvuori_06Helsinki_streetart_kruunuvuori_07Roihupelto

The industrial area of Roihupelto in the eastern part of Helsinki hosts lots of skillful urban artwork under the bridges of Itäväylä motorway and metro tracks. Location: Sahaajankatu, 00880 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_Roihupelto_02Helsinki_streetart_Roihupelto_04Helsinki_streetart_Roihupelto_06Helsinki_streetart_Roihupelto_03Teollisuuskatu, Vallila

Several impressive pieces of art can be found on the walls of Sturenkatu underpass on street Teollisuuskatu. Location: Teollisuuskatu, 00510 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_teollisuuskatu_01Helsinki_streetart_teollisuuskatu_02Arabianranta

An outstanding large mural painting on the facade of a tall apartment building can be found in the district of Arabianranta. The painting portraying the development of the neighbourhood was created in 2015 by Jukka Hakanen, one of the best known mural painters in Finland. Location: Hämeentie 128, 00560 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_muralKaisaniemi, Helsinki city centre

The walls and ceiling of the underground pedestrian tunnel (Opintoputki) that runs from the metro station of University of Helsinki to road Yliopistonkatu in Kaisaniemi is filled with urban cave paintings with elks, human figures, cityscape etc. Location: Kaisaniemi, 00100 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_kaisaniemi_02Helsinki_streetart_kaisaniemi_01Lasipalatsi / Amos Rex Art Museum, Helsinki city centre

A new urban street art wall was opened earlier this year at the construction site of the new upcoming Amos Rex Art Museum next to Lasipalatsi in Helsinki city center. I have seen different graffiti on the wall and I suppose every now and then the wall gets a new edition of street art. Location: Amos Rex Art Museum, 00100 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_amosrex_02Helsinki_streetart_amosrex_01Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki city centre

A skateboard rink next to Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art is decorated with this amazing graffiti. Location: Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, 00100 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_kiasmaBaana, Helsinki city centre

A former deep railway canyon converted into a 1,5 km long modern bicycle and pedestrian corridor that links the city centre areas of Töölö Bay, Kamppi, Ruoholahti and West Harbour, Baana accommodates today some very stunning and colouful pieces of street art on grey concrete walls and on the ground. Location: Baana, HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_baana_05Helsinki_streetart_baana_06Helsinki_streetart_baana_03Helsinki_streetart_baana_04Helsinki_streetart_baana_02Yrjönkatu, Helsinki city centre

The following two beautiful artwork I found on electric meter boxes on road Yrjönkatu in the city centre. Location: Yrjönkatu, 00100 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_yrjonkatu_02Helsinki_streetart_yrjonkatu_01Kasarmitori Square, Helsinki city centre

The construction site at Kasarmitori Square is encircled by a fence that accommodates some beautiful pieces of artwork by Jani Tolin. Location: Kasarmitori Square, 00100 HelsinkiHelsinki_streetart_kasarmitori_02Helsinki_streetart_kasarmitori_01

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25 thoughts on “Helsinki Street Art

  1. hey, thanks for you article it is very detailed! I have a question: do street artist have a permission to make an artpiece in Helsinki? becuase all the street art looks very ”tidy” and usually that’s not its nature


    • Thank you! This one in Pasila is a special project and artists were invited to create street art. Yes, you need to have a permit I would believe. There are of course lots of “illegal” graffitis everywhere.


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  14. Nice blog entry! Really cool to see pictures also from Roihupelto, Kruunuvuori and Sompasaari!


  15. Wow, I’ve never noticed these, thanks for pointing them out. I must say I love the Arabianranta mural ❤


  16. really cool place and love the art!


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