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Helsinki: Secret Garden Getaways in the City


Our cities hide a huge amount of secret paradises that are hidden from the general public’s eye. This summer I have gone out and about to discover totally new sides of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. And yes, I have found truly incredible hidden gems. Helsinki street art totally blew me away with colourful graffitis and murals. Whereas the dark side of Helsinki can been explored at Kruunuvuori Ghost Town. However, the hidden green secret of Helsinki is definitely the beautiful allotment and community garden areas with cute little summer cottages (siirtolapuutarha in Finnish).Helsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_red_03A secret green garden with a small holiday house in the city. How does that sound to you? I absolutely love the sound of this. And yes, they do exist in Helsinki, almost in the city centre. These allotment garden areas with small summer cottages and green gardens offer true secret garden getaways in 8 locations in Helsinki.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_yellow_04The allotment gardens make small and tight communities that are well hidden from the main roads and the general public but knowing your destination will take you into a peaceful green summer oasis.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_lupinesHelsinki_allotmentgarden_flowers_yellowThese garden paradises full of colourful summer flowers and beautiful floral scents are great places for an afternoon walk. Here you can instantly feel totally relaxed away from the crowds and traffic chaos of the city. Birds are twittering. It is so peaceful and quiet.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_rosesHelsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_redGardens are rich with apple and plum trees, berry bushes, and millions of different types of summer flowers blooming in all possible colours.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_applesHelsinki_allotmentgarden_peonyHelsinki_allotmentgarden_berriesSmall cottages with an average size of 30 m2 equipped with electricity and running water are carefully maintained and decorated with cute little details, funny looking garden gnomes guarding the gates.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_yellowHelsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_catHelsinki_allotmentgarden_gnomeEven street names are all related to garden and nature, such as Blueberry Street (Mustikkatie).Helsinki_allotmentgarden_streetsignPeeking through the gates and bushes admiring the beauty of the gardens and details of the cottages is the best thing to do here. I could literally spend the whole day here just strolling around.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_gateHelsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_yellow_01To many cottage owners, the small allotment cottage is their second home during the summer months. A secret place where they come to unwind after work and enjoy a bit of freedom and fresh air in the city.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_red_04This is a place where friends and family get together to have a BBQ and spend sunny summer evenings. Many people even spend the night here on the weekends let alone full summer holidays doing gardening and enjoying quiet life close to home and the city.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_blueHelsinki_allotmentgarden_jasminePeople even get the daily newspaper delivered to their cottage’s own mailbox. Oh, there were so many cute little mailboxes!Helsinki_allotmentgarden_mailbox_flowewsHelsinki_allotmentgarden_mailbox_02I believe the allotment cottage areas are open to the public and walking around is allowed along paths and other public areas. However, cottages and gardens are private property.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_alleyWhen I was walking around in the cottage area admiring the beauty of the gardens one cottage owner, a Swedish speaking retired lady, totally surprised me by asking if I wanted to pop into her cottage and garden to see what it is like. The answer was Yes, of course, I would love to!Helsinki_allotmentgarden_mailbox_redHer cottage was so cute, one room with a sofa bed, tiny kitchenette and a sitting area with large windows. Traditional hand-made stripy rugs on the floor. Pink geraniums by the window. How charming! And her garden with red flowers and blue garden tables and chairs was the most well maintained I have ever seen. I wish she had asked me to stay for afternoon tea in the garden.Helsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_sittingareaHelsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_rugsHelsinki_allotmentgarden_cottage_flowers8 Locations: Helsinki Allotment Gardens in Tali, Ruskeasuo, Kumpula, Vallila, Oulunkylä, Pakila, Herttoniemi, Marjaniemi

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  8. So beautiful, want a house like this…must be wonderful!


  9. What beautiful gardens, and I love the little cottages!


  10. Such cute cottages and the flowers are stunning! I’ve actually never been to a cottage like this, although I have seen them from afar many times.


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