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Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Dock Yard Konepajahalli R24


This revamped former dock yard Konepajahalli R24 in Telakkaranta in the district of Punavuori by the sea at the southwestern edge of the city, is becoming a bohemian cultural hub of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. This spot is still fairly unknown and makes an exciting place for urban adventures in historical industrial settings.Dock Yard Konepajahalli R24 was originally designed by Sune Maconi. Today the over 100 years old red brick building with rough looks and a massive atmospheric hall is home to creative agencies, offices and studios.Dock Yard Konepajahalli R24 also accommodates cafes, restaurants and shops such as PHO Cafe, Coconut Street food truck (Asian fusion kitchen), Hakola Shop & Showroom (furniture), Vimma store (design clothing), and Roomage (vintage furniture & antiques) among others.Some original machinery has been preserved in the premises and create a cool and coarse industrial ambiance. With a bit of imagination you can almost see and hear the machinery in full swing and dock yard workers getting their time cards stamped in and out of work.

Dock Yard Konepajahalli R24 | Telakkakatu 6, 00150 Helsinki

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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Dock Yard Konepajahalli R24

  1. An interesting use of an old Ockham building Piia. Hank you for he tour and photos.


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