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Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park


This Japanese inspired garden, Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park (Roihuvuoren Kirsikkapuisto), in the district of Roihuvuori must be one of the most exotic parks in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. With more than 240 cherry trees and an abundance of soft blossoms wafting a mild cherry scent it feels like walking in a pink fairytale world.I have heard and read many stories about this place but did not actually get to visit Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park until last weekend. This was my first ever visit to this Japanese park and I was totally blown away by its fresh pink and green beauty. Just take a look at these photos, don’t you agree with me?Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park is by far the best place in Helsinki to experience spring with all senses. Here you can see, feel, smell and touch the spring as the sunny slopes beneath Roihuvuori water tower with a large green area and hundreds of cherry trees burst into full pink bloom in May.Cherry blossom in Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park is currently at its very best with plenty of people flocking to the park to admire the stunning sakura spectacle. The springtime bloom in Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park is a lavish pink show but fairly brief, after only a couple of weeks, the flowers wither, drop to the ground and fly with the winds.

Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park | Jättiläisenpolku 1, 00880 Helsinki

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7 thoughts on “Hidden Secret of Helsinki: Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park

  1. Wow, the colours of the trees and park is so pretty.


  2. I went today and someone said half of the flowers had already dropped off ☹️ I was surprised at how small the actual area with the trees was, I was expecting more from all the photos I’ve seen 🤔


  3. Beautiful cherry blossom photos in the park, a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived. Let’s hope the weather continues to be warm and sunny!


    • Thank you. It is amazing how things can change over one week. Now it is so sunny and most trees have already turned green or well, pink in this case in the Cherry Tree Park. So fresh and beautiful!


  4. Very beautiful photos. I checked that we were not in Your photos – no. We visited there on Sunday, before it was not crowded. I have promised to my Japanese friends to make a post of it. So, it is not imitating Your gorgeous post. 🙂


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