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Helsinki: 6 Unique Summer Cafes Loved by Locals


In summertime, people in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, literally live in the outdoors, especially along the beautiful seashores where some of the best summer cafes, bars and restaurants can be found. Some of them are only open during the summer months so make sure you visit at least the following unique summer cafes to feel the real summer atmosphere of Helsinki.

1. Cafe Regatta

This charming red wooden cottage, Cafe Regatta, next to the water in Töölö is the cutest little cafe in town, loved by locals for their freshly baked cinnamon rolls (korvapuusti in Finnish). You can even barbecue sausages in the patio right there and then. Interesting vintage interior and decoration makes every visit a small adventure.

Cafe Regatta | Merikannontie 8, 00260 Helsinki


2. Cafe Birgitta Hernesaari

Located at the southwestern tip of the city peninsula in Hernesaari, Cafe Birgitta is a newcomer to the waterfront pleasures of the city. Opened last summer, this modern seaside cafe is a real beauty. The exceptionally  weather resistant outside wooden elements were burnt to its charcoal finish on the premises. If it gets too windy on the outside terrace you can always enjoy your coffee indoors by the fireplace. Burgers at this cafe are by far the best in town!

Cafe Birgitta Hernesaari | Hernesaarenranta 2, 00150 Helsinki


Birgitta_Hernesaari_Helsinki 3. Bear Park Cafe (Karhupuiston lippakioski)

This charming little cafe, Bear Park Cafe (Karhupuiston lippakioski), in the bohemian neighbourhood of Kallio is a very popular place to enjoy a coffee. The surrounding Bear Park is named after the statue “Bear on an Anthill”. There is a total of 24 old yellow summer kiosks/cafes like this in Helsinki dating back all the way to the 1940s and 1950s when the kiosks were built in the most popular parks of the city and along the major tram routes.

Bear Park Cafe | Bear Park, Fleminginkatu, 00530 Helsinki


4. Cafe Blue Villa (Sininen Huvila) 

On top of a hill in Linnunlaulu (Birdsong) villa area on the eastern side of Töölönlahti Bay, Cafe Sininen Huvila (Blue Villa) has the best views overlooking the shimmering waters of Töölönlahti Bay and some of the city’s most famous landmarks such as the Opera House and the Finlandia Hall. This is a very peaceful, leafy place and definitely worth a stroll up the hill. Very tasty homemade cakes and pastries!

Cafe Sininen Huvila | Linnunlauluntie 11, Helsinki


5. ML/Relandersgrund Boat Cafe

The oldest lightship in Finland, built in 1888, today ML/Relandersgrund functions as a boat cafe overlooking the beautiful red old warehouses of Katajanokka and the Uspenski Cathedral. They also have a small interior decoration shop on the lower deck.

Majakkalaiva ML/Relandersgrund | Meritullintori, 00170 Helsinki


6. Cafe Ihana Kahvila

In rough and urban surroundings at the very far end of the redevelopment area of Kalasatama/Sompasaari by the old seaport, the small container Cafe Ihana Kahvila (Cafe Lovely) offers a completely new way of looking at Helsinki. The unique settings with an 800 meters long graffiti fence, an urban garden and skateboard parks create a distinctive atmosphere. Have a refreshing drink or a cup of coffee and admire the urban culture and magnificent sea views while relaxing in the hammock. The trip here is an adventure itself as you will walk through a construction site. Just follow the signs painted on the pavement and you will find your way.

Ihana Kahvila | Nihtikuja, Kalasatama/Sompasaari



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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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41 thoughts on “Helsinki: 6 Unique Summer Cafes Loved by Locals

  1. These all look amazing! I love cafes with outdoor space and finding unique cafes is one of my favourite things to do when I travel 😀


  2. These all look fabulous and the perfect places to enjoy bright, summery afternoons! Your pictures are so cheerful that it makes me want to be outside too! Would love to wander and try a few of these suggestions one day.


    • Thank you for your kind words! The seaside of Helsinki with hundreds of little islands dotting the shoreline together with all these cute cafes are definitely one of the best bits of Helsinki. Hope you get to visit someday!


  3. Such beautiful photos! I ‘ve bookmarked this for future reference, I love finding little quirky cafes and restaurants!

    Char xo


  4. How cool!! I would love to go to Helsinki sometime, but I’ve yet to make it there. I love the look of Cafe Birgitta Hernesaari! Also that boat cafe is super awesome! I’ll definitely be saving this for when I eventually make it to Finland.


    • Oh yes, Cafe Birgitta Hernesaari is one of the best summer cafes in Helsinki, both for snacks and views over the sea, and the design is so attractive too. Hope you get to visit Helsinki soon, definitely worth, the city is so beautiful and full of life espacially during the summer months!


  5. Would love a burger at Birgitta. It looks really cozy and has a great view! And that boat café looks pretty cool too!


    • Thank you for reading! Burgers at Cafe Birgitta are the best! And I also love the design and architecture plus the stunning sea views. This is a perfect place for a Sunday stroll and lunch.


  6. This is a fantastic list! I have never been to Finland but it looks like a lovely place! The greenery is catching my eyes! Also, I love the unique designs of the cafes – like the boat or the cabin-shaped ones! Good choices for a morning coffee!


    • Thank you! These cafes are perfect to enjoy a coffee in the morning or a cold drink on a warm summer afternoon, my favourite summer cafes in Helsinki. Hope you get to visit Finland soon, I am sure you would love it.


  7. Looks gorgeous! I hope to get there one day!


  8. Amazing post! I’ve always wanted to visit Helsinki and definitely your post has just turned my wanderlust on! Hope to go there soon!


    • That’s fantastic, I am sure you would love Helsinki, so many things to see and do. The city is so lively and green especially during the summer months. Hope you get to visit soon! Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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