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Island Hopping in Thailand: Koh Chang – Koh Wai – Koh Mak – Koh Rayang Nai – Koh Kham


It had been 2,5 years since my last adventure in Thailand so I thought that it was about time to return and do some island hopping in my favourite country. I really love Thailand as it is a country of great natural beauty, pristine white sandy beaches, smiley people, tropical climate with plenty of sunshine, still a relatively inexpensive destination and a safe place for solo female travellers.KohChang_Thailand

Having already explored many Thai islands on my earlier travels (Koh Samet, Phuket, Koh Racha Yai, Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Lipe) this time I decided to head to the far northeastern part of the Gulf of Thailand in Trat province close to Cambodian border.

From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport I took a Bangkok Airways flight to Trat and continued to Koh Chang by a minivan and ferry. Flying to Trat is definitely the quickest and most convenient way to travel to Koh Chang, Koh Mak and other islands in Trat archipelago. More about transfer options to Koh Chang here.KohWai_Thailand_01

Koh Chang

My first island destination was Koh Chang, also called the Elephant Island. This third largest island of Thailand, Koh Chang is a National Park with beautiful nature, green mountains, lush rainforest, flourishing wildlife, waterfalls as well as beautiful white sandy beaches on the west coast. I spent a total of 10 nights on the island, the first 5 nights in the village of Klong Prao just enjoying quiet beach life, admiring epic sunsets as well as exploring the beauty of the island on a day trip around the island.KlongPrao_KohChang_Thailand_01KlongPrao_KohChang_Thailand_02

The next 5 nights on Koh Chang I stayed in Bailan Bay, a very quiet little village a bit further south along the west coast. Here chilling at the hotel swimming pool was my favourite thing to do but I also went out to discover other beaches and villages of the west coast.BaiLan_KohChang_Thailand

Koh Wai

While staying on Koh Chang I went on a day trip to Koh Wai, a very small crescent-shaped island 40 minutes from Koh Chang by boat. This is a quiet island paradise with no villages, no shops, no parties, no roads, no traffic, no cars, no motorbikes, no people around, no electricity.

Koh Wai is a perfect island paradise just to relax and do nothing but chill out in the hammock reading a book. Pleasant small beaches, crystal blue waters, gorgeously soft sand and good snorkeling right off the beach. Koh Wai is a true paradise on earth!KohWai_Thailand_02

Koh Mak

Next I headed to the island of Koh Mak, 23 km south of Koh Chang in Trat archipelago. Koh Mak is an attractive sleepy island secret where life moves nice and slow. After some trouble and tears at my arrival in Koh Mak I could not wait to relax at the beach and enjoy tranquil island life. Unlike Koh Chang, there are few mountains in Koh Mak and the island is fairly small in size so in addition to unwinding at the beach I decided to discover the island by bicycle and also visit the neighbouring islands of Koh Rayang Nai and Koh Kham. We also got to celebrate Thai New Year and Songkran water festival in Koh Mak.KohMak_Thailand_02

Koh Rayang Nai

The small uninhabited island of Koh Rayang Nai lies just a couple of hundred meters off Koh Mak. The island is easily reached by kayak or boat in no time. What I did was that when the tide was at the lowest I walked over to Koh Rayang Nai along a sand ridge from Koh Mak Ao Kao Beach. At some parts there was water up to my knees, but mostly only up to my ankles.KohRayangNai_Thailand

Koh Kham

While staying at Koh Mak I took the boat to the neighbouring island of Koh Kham for a day. White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The sand here is extremely powdery soft and white, ever more than on Koh Lipe I would say! Koh Kham is very small and easily explored in 30 minutes, so it was just a bliss to relax at the beach under palm trees and enjoy the quietness. There is some good snorkeling and colourful fish just off the beach. And great views over Koh Mak.KohKham_Thailand


After exploring the islands I flew to Bangkok from Trat airport and stayed one night in the city before flying back home. As I only had one day in Bangkok I decided not to do any sightseeing but instead I just chilled at the hotel swimming pool relaxing and enjoying the last rays of sun before returning to cold Finland again. More about my favourite places in Bangkok here.Bangkok_grandpalace01

Oh it was such a perfect island hopping adventure once again! I did millions of intriguing things and got to explore so many interesting places.

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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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  21. Thailand is one place that amazes me every time I go there. I will surely explore KOH CHANG on my next trip here.


    • Yes, Thailand is truly an amazing country and I just love travelling there time after time. I am sure that you would love the Trat archipelago, so many beautiful untouched small paradise islands!


  22. wow!! what a beautiful place.


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