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Copenhagen: A Magical Evening at Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas Wonderland


Last week I travelled to Copenhagen for a long weekend to explore the city and to experience what the famous Danish “hygge” is all about. I believe hygge means doing things that make you feel warm, cosy and happy and enjoying quality time with your loved ones during the coldest and darkest time of the year. I am sure this something we all can take home from Denmark, a country of the happiest people in the word.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasOn Saturday evening after a busy day of sightseeing it was time to slow down, take it easy and enjoy some Danish hygge in the world’s second oldest theme park Tivoli Gardens fairytale like Christmas world.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasTivoli definitely is more than just an amusement park, the place feels like a mini town of its own and there is something for everyone of all ages to enjoy. In addition to amusement park rides, Tivoli offers entertainment with theatres, music festivals, lush gardens, lakes, shops and a wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasNow during the festive Christmas season Tivoli is decorated with thousands of colourful lights and Christmas decorations that create a magical atmosphere straight out of a storybook. The ambiance was something very similar to what we experienced at the Linnanmäki Carnival of Light and Colour in Helsinki a few months back, but this was a lot more spectacular.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasWhite fake snow was dribbled here and there to create a fairytale like feeling of a white winter wonderland.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasTivoli was also converted into a gigantic Christmas market with hundreds of colourful little huts and stalls selling Christmas decorations and lights, toys, snacks, sweets, popcorn, cotton candy, mulled wine etc.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasIn the Chinese area of Tivoli Gardens we watched a spectacular Christmas light show to traditional Christmas songs like Jingle Bells and Let it Snow. At that point I realised that Christmas is honestly just around the corner, less than five weeks away!copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasLater in the evening we were entertained by a Christmas illuminations show with majestic music from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker transforming Tivoli Lake into a playful world of colour, light, laser, fire, smoke and water.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasStrolling around in the gardens admiring the beautiful architecture and historic buildings all decorated with stunning Christmas lights felt totally like walking in a fantasy world.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasPopping into the little Christmas huts to buy Christmas presents and stopping for some steaming hot mulled wine and roasted almonds was such an enjoyment.copenhagen_tivoligardens_christmascopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasOur evening at Tivoli could not have been more relaxing. So much hygge, so much joy. I wish I coud do this every weekend during the dark Christmas season to escape all the hustle and bustle.

Tivoli Gardens | Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen Vcopenhagen_tivoligardens_christmasHave you had a chance to visit Tivoli Gardens? How do you create hygge in your life during the cold and dark season?

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18 thoughts on “Copenhagen: A Magical Evening at Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas Wonderland

  1. This looks amazing! loving all the christmas lights, so pretty! 🙂


  2. Aah looks amazing! Already looking forward to Christmas. Definitely need to go to Copenhagen one day, hopefully around this period.


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  6. Thinking of maybe going at the beginning of January, will the lights still be around do you know, they look so pretty! Any tips of what to do? 🙂


    • Thank you for reading, much appreciated. I am not sure if the lights will still be there in January, maybe only until the end of the year. But there are so many things to see and do in Copenhagen, in addition to all great sights and attractions, the foodie and cultural scene is very active. I wish I had had more time than just a long weekend, will definitely return!


  7. The Tivoli gardens look enchanting with all the festive lights. I have not visited Denmark yet but would love to do so sometime. I was just browsing in my local bookshop and numerous books about Hygge were arranged on one of the tables so I might try and read one of them. I’m pleased you had a lovely weekend away.


  8. I was also in Tivoli Gardens this summer, and I loved the athmosphere there. I can imagine it is even more special in winter. I am really thinking about a short trip there.. 😉


    • Tivoli was indeed very magical with gorgeous lights and decorations. With snow all over the place the amusements park would be a true winter wonderland, but now they only had a little bit of fake snow here and there.


    • But as a whole Copenhagen is a very nice city to visit even during this cold and dark time of the year 🙂


      • It is! I do not always like the big cities, and I was coming from silent and empty greenland. But walking through Nyhavn the first evening was so great, I like the city immediately. And Tivoli was just one great thing more 🙂 Do they also have Chrisstmas markets in the city itself?


  9. I visited Tivoli gardens this summer, which was a lot of fun! It looks so lovely and Christmassy now though, I’m not sure which is better.


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