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10 Free Things to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for its vibrant foodie scene, inspiring architecture, quality design, and hip, trendy atmosphere. However, Copenhagen cannot be considered a budget destination. Truthfully, I was shocked when I realised how expensive the Danish capital really was. At home in Helsinki I am used to living a life that is expensive but the prices in Copenhagen really hit me hard.Fortunately, there are many things to do and see in Copenhagen for free, so you don’t necessarily end up overspending when Continue reading



10 Free Things to Do in Helsinki

We all know that Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is considered as an expensive city. There are however, plenty of free things to do in Helsinki, so it is possible to explore the city on a budget, too. Here are my Top 10 Free Things to Do in Helsinki, one of my favourite cities in the world.

1. Explore Helsinki City Museum

Located in the Tori Quarters, Helsinki City Museum takes visitors on a journey through time to bygone Helsinki with Continue reading