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Photo Essay of Magical Alacati, Turkey

If you read my previous post you already know that I fell in love with Alacati, head over heels. Of all the attractive places I have been in Turkey, Alacati has a certain indescribable magic to it. Something you cannot really put into words. The feeling I had was something unique. Alacati really captured a special place in my heart.alacati windmillsAs soon as I walked down Alacati’s main street passing by cute shops and colourful houses I knew that Continue reading



Falling in Love with Alacati – Turkey’s Best Kept Seaside Secret

It was love at first sight. When I walked down Alacati’s main street towards the maze of narrow cobblestone streets with colourful doors and windows I knew that this little town was my happy place.alacatiAlacati’s relaxed and romantic vibe means that you can happily lose track of time and get lost in labyrinth of narrow streets. Alacati’s tiny streets with beautiful stone buildings overhung by colourful bougainvillea are packed with Continue reading


Turkey: 14 Ways How to Discover Cesme’s Charms

Unlike many touristy towns in Turkey, Cesme has retained a local population and a traditional Turkish character. Thanks to its upscale yachting scene, there is a cosmopolitan and modern feel to Cesme, too. Located on the west coast of Turkey, some 85 km from Turkey’s third city Izmir, Cesme is a fairy well-kept local secret as not too many foreign visitors find their way here.

What to do and see in Cesme? How to discover Cesme’s charms?

Meaning ”fountain” in Turkish, Cesme is a charming and compact seaside town, so the easiest way to get around is walking. Continue reading


Swimming in the Turquoise Sea of Thermal Springs in Ilica, Turkey

After exploring the best of hot and hectic Izmir for 3 days I was so excited to head to the beach. As I am not really into any busy mass tourist destinations I was recommended by locals to travel to Cesme Peninsula for a relaxing stay by the beach.

Cesme Peninsula is a hidden gem of Izmir province in western Turkey, only around 85 km from Izmir. There are three main resort towns on the peninsula: Cesme, Ilica and Alacati, all with their unique characteristics. These coastal towns provide a tranquil Turkish retreat away from the overcrowded beaches of the southern Aegean and Mediterranean.ilica beachilica beachOut of these three beach towns I opted for Ilica, mainly because accommodation prices in Ilica are more affordable than in Cesme and Alacati. Generally speaking prices in Cesme Peninsula are much higher than Continue reading


Hiking to Kadifekale Castle through the Slums of Izmir, Turkey

Definitely the highlight of Izmir! Locals advised me to stay away from Kadifekale. They said Kadifekale is too dangerous. They did not tell me why or maybe they did but it was completely lost in translation as not many locals in Izmir speak English. So I was left wondering why? izmir kadifekaleWhy should I avoid Kadifekale? The first things that crossed my mind were: Drugs? Guns? Criminal activity? Mafia? I did do some research and found a few Continue reading


Colourful Photo Tour of Izmir, Turkey

Even though I did not fully fall in love with Izmir, Turkey’s third city, I did find the city a very intriguing melting pot of east and west, old and new, traditional Turkey and modern Mediterranean Europe.izmir turkeyIzmir is loaded with hustle and bustle, noise and odour. What amazed me the most was the amount of Continue reading


Top 15 Things to Do and See in Izmir, Turkey

From bustling bazaars to ancient attractions and shimmering Aegean Sea, Izmir has a lot to do and see. 2–3 days is plenty to explore the highlights of Izmir city, after which you will be ready to experience what the province of Izmir has to offer. I have compiled a list of best things to see and do in Izmir to add to your itinerary and make the most of your visit to Izmir, Turkey’s third city.izmirizmir asansör Continue reading