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Spectacular Linnanmäki Carnival of Light and Colour in Helsinki


As autumn evenings turn darker and nights longer up here in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, people are starting to prepare themselves for the dark and cold winter with warm clothes, gloves, hats, wooly socks, candles and hot drinks. Luckily there are also fun-filled events with colour, light and joy to ease our way into the dark winter season.fotor_14764750797366fotor_147647680102312fotor_147647496285196Last night I braved the cold October evening to join the finale festival, the Carnival of Light (Valokarnevaali), at Helsinki’s legendary amusement park Linnanmäki. This annual celebration marks the ending of the summer season.fotor_147647492734279fotor_14764767370934fotor_147647549356374During the festivities of the Carnival of Light at Linnanmäki amusement park thousands of colourful lights illuminate the  park until late in the evening. Admission to the grounds is free of charge and many of the rides are accessible for a fee.fotor_147647656195798fotor_147647505314269fotor_147647545848810I am totally afraid of heights and do not get too excited about any wild rides in the cold either so I skipped the rides and just enjoyed strolling around Linnanmäki and soaking up the magical ambiance of the Carnival of Light while admiring the spectacular light displays.Being surrounded by beautiful and colourful lights all over Linnanmäki was true therapy for the body and mind. Yellow, orange and red autumn foliage with stunning light reflections added to the spectacular experience.

How do you stay energised during the dark and cold season? Drop me a line in the comments below!

Linnanmäki Amusement Park | Tivolikuja 1, 00510 Helsinki


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15 thoughts on “Spectacular Linnanmäki Carnival of Light and Colour in Helsinki

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  6. Oh, and I survive autumn pretty much with vitamins and fibre (clementines, apples, carrots, fish, porridge, muesli, etc…) and by drinking coffee and tea with honey. Also I eat schokolate much.


  7. Very beautiful pictures! I once been there. It was very cold then. Now I think it’s been little bit better wether. 🙂


  8. What a colorful night! I can stay there for hours despite the cold weather 🙂


  9. Linnanmäki looks so different from my visits in mid summer. What a finale! The lighting effects are spectacular and create a splendid note to climb se for the season on. As for the shortening days – I detest the clock change when days are so short and like you I am much more energetic in the long days of sunlight. I don’t have any answers unfortunately but I do know that I close the curtains to shut out the dark and curl up with a book and the television and definitely eat more chocolate!


    • Sorry my iPad seemed to change my text – it should have read a ‘splendid note to close the season on’.


      • Thank you for your comments, very much appreciated! The lights at Linnanmäki were absolutely stunning, felt totally like walking in a wonderland. It is funny how your body and mind react to lights, especially daylight and sunlight. We have had very grey and cloudy weather for a week now but today we are enjoying plenty of sunshine again and that makes me feel like a completety different person with so much energy and big smiles.

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