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Best Things to See and Do in Rhodes New Town


Rhodes Town, situated on the northeastern tip of the island is without a doubt one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval fortress towns. Rhodes Town can be divided into old and new quarters: medieval buildings and narrow streets within the old town walls as well as vibrant and historical attractions by the waterfront in the new town.rhodestown_mandrakiharbour_01rhodestown_01

There are so many interesting things to see and do in Rhodes New Town that it is difficult to decide where to start. I want to share my best experiences with you, the following 12 things to see and do in Rhodes New Town are the ones that I enjoyed the most during my visit.rhodestown_mandrakiharbour_05rhodestown_gate

Morning run along coastal paths at sunrise

The best way to start a new day on a holiday is to wake up early in the morning and go for a morning run at sunrise when most people are still fast asleep. This is what I did in Rhodes Town almost every morning. The coastal pathways at the southwestern edge of the town leading to Ixia and Ialyssós Bay and further down the west coast provide a perfect place for exercise. Here the sea breeze is very refreshing, and vistas over the sea and Rhodes Town are unbeatable.rhodestown_coastalpathsrhodestown_seaside

Climb up Monte Smith Hill to discover Acropolis of Rhodes

One morning I jogged up to the summit of Monte Smith (Hill of Agios Stefanos) 2 km outside Rhodes town centre where the site of the ancient Hellenistic city of Rhodes, today known as the Acropolis of Rhodes, is located. The small road up the hill was steep and curvy, and together with absolutely gorgeous views over the coastline literally took my breath away before reaching the top of the hill.rhodestown_04

Once I made it to the top I first found the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, not that much left of the temple anymore though, four of the remaining pillars being under repair. Then I descended down the hill to discover a recreated ancient amphitheater. After that I continued to the ancient Stadium of Diagoras where I took a short break. I sat down on the stadium bench and let my imagination go all wild back to the very original Olympic Games in ancient Greece.rhodestown_acropolisofrhodes_templeofapollorhodestown_acropolisofrhodes_theatrerhodestown_acropolisofrhodes_stadium

Take a walk along the waterfront

Located on tip of a peninsula, Rhodes Town is surrounded by water on three sides making it a perfect place to explore plenty of historical places on foot along the seaside promenade that stretches for kilometres after kilometres.rhodestown_mandrakiharbour

Head to Mandraki Harbour to see the best of Rhodes New Town

Many of the town’s historical places and monuments are found in the lively Mandraki Harbour, originally constructed with the founding of the ancient city. Gorgeous municipal buildings such as the Bank of Greece, General Post Office, Court House, Town Hall, National Theatre and the Governor’s Palace can all be found in Mandraki Harbour. This place also seemed to be a popular place for an evening stroll among locals and visitors alike.rhodestown_mandrakiharbour_02rhodestown_mandrakiharbour_07rhodestown_mandrakiharbour_06

See Agios Nikolaos Fort and Platoni Bronze Statues

At the entrance to Mandraki Harbour two imposing landmarks guard the scenery. Agios Nikolaos Fort together with Platoni, two stone columns topped with bronze statues of a stag and a doe.rhodestown_agiosnikolaosfort

Admire Medieval Windmills

A proud reminder of the past is three of the original 13 medieval windmills that still remain on the breakwater in Mandraki Harbour.rhodestown_mandrakiharbour_windmills

Shop local products at Nea Agora New Market

This gorgeous building, Nea Agora, the New Market, with Moorish style arches dating back to the Italian rule houses lots of inexpensive cafes and restaurants as well as small shops selling traditional Rhodian and Greek products in the inner courtyard.rhodestown_neaagora_newmarket

Enjoy sun and sea at Elli Beach

Elli Beach stretching for 400 metres in front of the Casino of Rhodes is the main beach in Rhodes Town. The water at Elli Beach is incredibly clear in all shades of turquoise and blue. This beach was very popular among local young people and it was absolutely packed on the weekends. rhodestown_ellibeach_02I found Elli Beach way too crowded for my taste so I mostly sunbathed at the tip of the cape by the Aquarium.rhodestown_ellibeach


Explore underwater world at Rhodes Aquarium

This stunning art deco building constructed by Italians in the 1930s as a biological research station houses today an aquarium, museum and research centre where you can explore marine life of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean sea.rhodestown_aquarium

Get lost in the narrow alleyways

One day when I was on my way to the beach I accidentally found myself getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow alleys in Rhodes new town. No cars, no people, lots of cats, colourful doors and windows, pretty flowers. What could be better than this in a busy town full of tourists!rhodestown_alley_02rhodestown_alley_01

Do some serious shopping

Rhodes Town has got it all when it comes to shopping. There is a good selection of international brand stores, designer shops, small shops selling traditional Greek and Rhodian products, as well as plenty of tourist shops selling anything and everything.rhodestown_souvenirs

Go clubbing

At this stage of life clubbing all night long is not really my cup of tea any longer. But walking around in Rhodes town after dark, especially along the bar street, Orfanidou Street, I found out that nightlife in Rhodes town is pretty wild and goes on all night long until the sun comes up no matter what day of the week it is. A perfect holiday destination for all party animals.rhodestown_nightclubs

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17 thoughts on “Best Things to See and Do in Rhodes New Town

  1. I read all the entries on Rhodes on your blog and I liked them very much. In the pictures I saw a lot of places away from the busy trails, which I also found. For example, these narrow streets in the New Town – the hidden treasures of the city of Rhodes. It surprised me how little people know about them. I also liked the entries about the trip around the island. I’ve been to some places, but I’ve heard about others for the first time. If I ever go to Rhodes, I will definitely visit Koskinou and Tsambika Monastery. In your photos, these places look beautiful.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy to hear that you found new inspiration on my posts. Rhodes is such a lovely islands, despite the massive amount of tourists. There are so many incredible places to explore on Rhodes. Hope you get to discover the island more thoroughly soon!


  2. Rhodes Town looks gorgeous! I can just imagine taking a walk to see the sunrise or sunset along the coastal pathways. And those windmills by Mandraki Harbor are so quaint. The weather looks gorgeous, too.


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  9. I love this place and would love to go there soon.


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  11. I definitely want to take a holiday on Rhodes now! What beautiful photos and such a detailed commentary, thank you. I love the narrow lanes with the colourful houses and those medieval windmills are a treat, too!


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