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Myth of the Midnight Sun in Finland


Long days. Short nights. Sunshine all through the night. Golden glow over the landscape. Scenery bathing in warm light and pastel colours. Nocturnal activities. This is the authentic Midnight Sun in Finland – not just a myth.Finland_midnightsun_lake_07Midnight Sun. White Night. Nightless Night. Polar Day. Many names for one beautiful natural phenomenon that is caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis in relation to its orbit around the sun resulting in long days and short nights. During peak season, the sun does not set at all.Finland_Midsummer_white_night_10In Finland the Midnight Sun takes place during the summer months of June and July north of the Arctic Circle when the sun remains visible at midnight. The further north you go, the longer the sun stays above the horizon. In the very northernmost parts of Finland the full Midnight Sun can be experienced from May to August. Only clouds and fog can hide the Midnight Sun during the season.Finland_Midsummer_white_night_06Although the Midnight Sun only shines above the Arctic Circle, nights are white all over the country. Late at night, the sun briefly pops below the horizon for a few hours before rising again, blurring the boundaries between fading night and dawning day. Even Helsinki, the capital of Finland, on the south coast has daylight around the clock as the sun sets after 11 pm and rises already at 4 am.Finland_midnightsun_helsinki_05I know that many people struggle with sleeping during the long white summer nights. But luckily for me it is always dark when I close my eyes, so going to sleep is no harder than normally. Despite I do use curtains and blinds in the bedroom. The Midnight Sun however increases my energy levels and I absolutely love spending time in the outdoors enjoying the serene summer nights.Finland_midnightsun_lake_06The Midnight Sun is definitely at its best in the countryside by a lake when the sun takes on light pastel colours in pink, purple and yellow and the scenery baths in warm light. When the waters are calm, all you can hear is silence and birds twittering around.Finland_midnightsun_lake_02The season with the Midnight Sun is so short and special, and therefore it should be enjoyed to the max. The White Nights give us extra hours to enjoy lots of outdoor summer activities. A nocturnal swim and sauna is an absolute must under the Midnight Sun. My favourite activities in the countryside also include canoeing, fishing, boating and just sitting by the water listening to silence and enjoying the golden glow over the landscape.Finland_Midsummer_lake_rowingIn the city I love having a late night picnic by the seaside, a BBQ in the garden or just chillaxing on the balcony. You can basically do pretty much anything during the white summer nights, so why sleep! You can sleep in autumn and winter when the sun stays below the horizon as the dark Polar Nights take over.Finland_midnightsun_helsinki_03Have you had a chance to experience the Midnight Sun? How did you like it?

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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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36 thoughts on “Myth of the Midnight Sun in Finland

  1. The landscape is absolutely beautiful! I’ve just added Finland to my bucket list!


  2. How wonderful! This is something I would definitely like to experience in my lifetime.


  3. I have never experienced the Midnight Sun before. I would love to go to the lake in your photos and admire the view!


  4. I’ve never experienced the midnight sun but it sounds so poetic! And I absolutely love your photos!


  5. The midnight sun is quite stunning in the countryside of northern Finland. I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Sweden and Finland during the summer months and really fell in love.


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  12. Oh my God! These pictures are stunning! I especially love the ones where shades of dark blue dominate, since that’s my favourite colour.


  13. It’s very beauty. Hope you post the ‘”Lake Toba” when you have plan travelling to South Sumatra.


  14. I have never experienced it sadly. However, I have been to Scandinavia and Ireland/Scotland in high summer. The nights were pretty late and the mornings early which was pretty cool to experience. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have summer all night long…or winter all day long for that matter!


    • Summers are so great with light around the clock but then winters are very tough as we bearly see the sun and it has a strong impact on body and mind. Lots of energy in summer and a huge lack of energy in winter. However, we survive, just need to take trips to warm sunny places during winter, which is great of course. Always a great excuse to travel 🙂


  15. Wonderful Pictures… I love the midnight sun, or at least These long light nights. I experienced them the first time in Finland 2 years ago, and I loved it (and yeah, there was a midnight sauna ;-)). I was just able to start a 4-hours hike at 7 or 8 in the evening, and this was so great! Sleeping was also never a Problem, it was just a Little strange waking up at 2 in the morning, and feeling that it was already morning – and then going back to bed..


  16. Reblogged this on Amilyn and commented:
    This is basically how it is in Alaska as well


  17. Absolutely gorgeous. So many places to go around this world x


  18. You’re most welcome. 😀


  19. I’m enchanted by the beauty of each and every picture. Love them to the core. ^-^


  20. We just returned from a Baltic cruise, and it was strange and beautiful to have so much sunlight. We stayed up late one nigh to try to catch the sunset, and it didn’t ever get truly dark.


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