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Winter in Helsinki: Guide to Frosty Fairytales in White Winter Wonderland


Winter in Helsinki, Finland – YES, it does get cold! But: Finns do not suffer and survive winter, they live and enjoy it. Even if the thermometer reads -29° C, it does not feel as cold as you might think. This is due to the dry continental winter climate that does not feel as cold as the damp cold winter weather of Central Europe for example. Besides, Finnish people are used to the cold winter weather, so life and all things run more than smoothly.helsinki_finland_winter_08helsinki_finland_winter_05

For some travellers winter visits to Finland might be totally out of question because of the cold. However, if you are brave enough to encounter the crispy winter weather, you will most likely have an experience of a lifetime and surely you will enjoy the white winter wonderland to the fullest! Winter is also a great time of the year to admire the amazing colour combinations of nature provided by snow, sunshine and clouds.helsinki_finland_winter_01helsinki_finland_winter_03

So, cold weather is no reason to stay indoors – just gear up right and make the most of the fresh white season. In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, you can experience the real white winter wonderland just outside the city centre where you can find pure nature, small islands and forests right by the sea.helsinki_finland_winter_02

Best Spots to Experience White Winter Wonderland in Helsinki

Kaivopuisto Park by the sea is a very popular place to go for a walk whether it is summer or winter. There are three great cafes, Café Ursula, Café Carusel and Löyly along the seaside promenade to stop by for a hot chocolate or lunch. If available, try “laskiaispulla”, a traditional Finnish sweet dessert especially popular in wintertime. Laskiaispulla is a sweet bun spiced with cardamom, cut in half and filled with strawberry or raspberry marmalade and lots of whipped cream. Perfect source of energy for cold winter days!helsinki_finland_winter_kaivopuistohelsinki_finland_winter_10helsinki_finland_winter_laskiaispulla

During the last few weeks we have experienced incredibly cold weathers in Helsinki, all the way down to -30° C, so by now the sea is covered by a very thick layer of ice. This makes it possible to walk over the frozen sea. What a great sense of adventure and excitement! Suddenly the small islands off shore become a lot closer, just a short stroll away, no boats or bridges needed.helsinki_finland_winter_09

The islands of Liuskasaari and Liuskaluoto offer the most stunning views over the frozen sea and cliffs absolutely perfect to watch the sun set. Here you can admire colourful boats waiting to be undocked as soon as spring arrives. The islands host a yacht club and two restaurants, Boat House and Skiffer, but unfortunately they are both closed for the season.helsinki_finland_winter_liuskasaarihelsinki_finland_winter_liuskasaari_02

From the island of Liuskasaari you can reach the neighbouring island of Uunisaari also via a bridge if you feel uncomfortable walking on the frozen sea. Here you can have coffee and local delicacies in historical settings as the red buildings hosting Uunisaari cafe and restaurant date all the way back to the late 1800’s.helsinki_finland_winter_liuskasaari_01helsinki_finland_winter_uunisaari

On the island of Seurasaari a couple kilometres outside Helsinki city centre you can experience a true winter wonderland with plenty of clean nature and fresh sea air. Seurasaari also hosts an open-air museum where you get to explore traditional Finnish cottages, manors and farmhouses from the old days. helsinki_finland_winter_07helsinki_finland_winter_seurasaarihelsinki_finland_winter_06My favourite place to explore the frosty winter outdoors is at Uutela Nature Park in Vuosaari. Located in the eastern parts of Helsinki, Uutela Nature Park is surrounded by the sea on three sides and provides a variety of landscapes from tall cliffs to lush forests and meadows. The frozen sea offers a huge playground for outdoor activities and people are extremely happy to take the opportunity to go skiing, skating, hiking and walking the dog on the ice.helsinki_finland_winter_uutela_04helsinki_finland_winter_uutela_01helsinki_finland_winter_uutela_03helsinki_finland_winter_uutela_02

Do you enjoy exploring the snowy winter wonderland and doing winter activities in the fresh outdoors?

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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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60 thoughts on “Winter in Helsinki: Guide to Frosty Fairytales in White Winter Wonderland

  1. Oh winter in Helsinki just looks simply stunning! Thanks for sharing!


  2. The snow scenery is beautiful. Wish I could visit Finland one day.


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  6. Finland looks amazing in the Winter, and that cake looks so tasty! It’s actually made me a bit hungry.


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  16. Ideal adventure for a truly winter wonderland. The photos are stunning.


  17. I visited Finland in the winter and really enjoyed it!


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  19. It´s a great to visit !

    Liked by 1 person

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  27. Amazing photographs ! I will go there even if I’ll become a snowman !


  28. Can’t wait to visit Finland after seeing all these photos!


  29. These pictures are amazing ! I love the light and the snow, and the trees.. everything looks so peaceful and gorgeous


  30. It looks so beautiful! We were in Helsinki last summer and enjoyed swimming in the (cold!) sea. We were trying to imagine how it would look all frozen over, and it seems it’s just as beautiful!


    • Thank you! The landscape with plenty of snow and frozen sea is absolutely stunning and walking on the ice very exciting! Both sea and lake water can be a bit cold up here in summertime as well, cold but very refreshing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I found our swims around Helsinki to be the best ones of the holiday! So bracing and refreshing. We stayed on Lauttasaari island. You are so lucky to be able to live in a capital city but on these beautiful islands close by.


      • Oh yes Lauttasaari is a very nice place with a small and quiet beach. We are lucky to have hundreds of small islands just offshore from Helsinki city centre, great places to escape and unwind for a day away from the city!

        Liked by 1 person

  31. It looks lovely. I can’t wait to experience snow for the first time.


  32. What a wonderful set of very beautiful photos. Thank You showing them. In Finland we have old saying: ” winter comes from the east”. In addition to this, old people know that: “summer comes from the east”. Both of these sayings referrer to dry winter or summer. When wailing winds come from the Atlantic, it means rains or snowstorms.

    Happy Sunday!


  33. I hadn’t known about the “dry cold” as opposed to the wet cold weather of central Europe. Thanks for enlightening me and for the stunning photography! It’s a beautiful country, indeed.


  34. Such amazing pictures! 🙂 Too bad that our lovely winter disappeared so quickly, at least here in Rauma! :/


    • Thank you Saana. It has been very beautiful indeed with the snow! Last weekend was so perfect for outdoor activities! We still have a tiny bit of snow left in Helsinki, hope to get some more soon! Have you enjoyed your winter in Rauma?

      Liked by 1 person

      • The winter was gone so fast that I didn’t have much time to enjoy it here in Rauma. But I did enjoy it in Vuokatti and Koli National Park a couple of weeks ago! I also wish we’d get some more snow soon, but let’s see… *crossing fingers*

        Liked by 1 person

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