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Enchanted by Spring Sunshine in Finland


Of all seasons, spring from March to May, is certainly the most versatile season in Finland. As Finland is a long country, over 1100 km from south to north, contrasts in seasons, weather and nature are enormous. In the south spring begins a month earlier than in the north and continues for 45–65 days, being longest in the southern archipelago and coastal regions, due to the “warmness” of the sea.Helsinki_spring_icejunksHelsinki_spring_beachIn Lapland, the northern parts of Finland, spring means skiing in the sun. While in Helsinki, the capital of Finland on the south coast, the weather is getting warmer, days longer, and snow and ice melting quickly. People in the south are already preparing for summer and taking walks along the seaside enjoying fresh sea air and first bright rays of spring sunshine. Birds start singing. Parks and gardens are filled with fresh flowers and green grass.Helsinki_spring_kaivopuistoSpring in Finland is characterised by light winds, clear skies and sunshine during the daytime, with a bit of rainfall. On a clear night temperatures can still fall below zero, but on a sunny day temperatures rise rapidly – even up to 20 degrees Celsius in the south.Helsinki_spring_sea_02There is something very special about the gradually increasing amount of light and warmth of early spring days in March. This is when snow melts and ice that has covered the sea cracks and leaves in huge blocks. Rivers start running and migratory birds arriving, you can hear birds twittering everywhere.Helsinki_spring_icejunksHelsinki_spring_iceHelsinki_spring_riverAs soon as the first sunny days arrive, people crawl out of their winter nests and feel alive again. This is when everyone heads outdoors to enjoy sunshine to the fullest. I have to say that it feels absolutely  magical to see the sun and feel the mild warmth after a long, cold and dark winter. Not even all snow and ice gone yet but people are more than eager to take out their convertibles, bicycles, even canoes and jetskis.Helsinki_spring_canoeingHelsinki_spring_parkSpring is a wonderful time to wander in the nature and enjoy seeing pristine forests and fields waking from winter slumber. Hiking in the outdoors is a popular activity this time of year as the air is fresh and temperatures moderate.Helsinki_spring_fieldHelsinki_spring_forestIn April days get longer and nature starts to wake up, it gets greener and greener every day and first flowers pop up. In April lakes usually become ice-free in southern Finland, in May in central Finland and in June in Lapland. The water is still cold, but fearless people already take a quick dip after the sauna.Helsinki_spring_flowers_yellowHelsinki_spring_sea_03Helsinki_spring_sunsetIn May summer is just around the corner and all plants and trees grow incredibly fast so you can basically see as the grass grows and trees burst into leaf in all shades of green. Wildflowers in white, yellow and blue are everywhere. So beautiful.Helsinki_spring_treeHelsinki_spring_flowers_blueHelsinki_spring_flowers_white02Now that we are in early May, we are currently experiencing the most beautiful spring weather ever: in Helsinki skies are blue with plenty of sunshine and temperatures already up around 20 degrees Celsius. Nature is green and cherry trees in full pink bloom. People are on the move enjoying sunny days at outdoor cafes, restaurants and terraces. Parks are filled with picnickers basking in the sun. I reckon this means that summer is truly here!Helsinki_spring_hernesaarenrantaHelsinki_spring_cherry treeHelsinki_spring_espalanadepark

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26 thoughts on “Enchanted by Spring Sunshine in Finland

  1. I guess if you’re used to having cold weather, a wee bit of sunshine can already make you get out of your winter nests and jump in the water even if it’s still freezing. :p I never appreciated sunshine when I was living in the Middle East because we have that all year round and summer could be really really annoying. Now that I transferred to London, I can see why people love the sun. :p

    Finland looks gorgeous during spring! I’m guessing it’s more beautiful during the summer.


  2. Holy moly – the colour of the sunset looks incredible and so does the ice crust on the lake! Spring certainly suits Finland


  3. I love your photos!! Seems like a very joyful time of year~~~ 🙂


  4. I would love to go to Finland very soon! Spring and summer seam to be the right seasons. Looks great!


  5. I was just in North Finland last month and was skiing for two weekends. It was certainly wonderful to ski in the spring with the sun shining and bright!


  6. Finland is definitely on our list!! Such a beautiful country.


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  13. Reblogged this on La Puerta De La Utopía and commented:
    Sweet Finland…


  14. So beautiful, you are lucky to live in such a wonderful country. Spring has finally arrived here in Paris too, and you’re right, it feels great!


  15. Gorgeous photos! We Finns are so predictable. It’s a fact that the terraces and parks will fill up the minute a beautiful Spring day shows up 😛 I even feel so different in the winter compared to now. Today I managed to go swimming after 7 pm which I would never have energy for during the dark months!


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