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Koh Kham – A Scenic Island with Black Volcanic Rocks and White Powdery Beaches


After exploring Koh Mak by bicycle for two days and celebrating Thai New Year & Songkran Water Festival I still had one full day left before heading back home. In the morning after breakfast I headed to Ao Suan Yai Beach on the north-west coast of Koh Mak and bought a boat ticket at Koh Mak Resort to go to the neighbouring island of Koh Kham, a privately owned small paradise island just 1 km off Koh Mak.The boat ride from Koh Mak to Koh Kham took no more than 5 minutes and the return boat ticket cost 200 baht including Koh Kham entrance fee and one drink.With white sand dunes and crystal clear calm waters Koh Kham is a very picturesque island jewel that makes a perfect half day trip from Koh Mak.The east side of Koh Kham is absolutely gorgeous with two white sandy beaches and a beautiful curvy white sandy ridge at low tide. Koh Kham is a perfect place to relax, do sunbathing and swimming.Sand here is the whites and softest of all. Just like powder. In Koh Lipe the sand is very soft and powdery but here in Koh Kham it is even more powdery. Walking on the beach almost felt like walking on cotton, unbelievable.Koh Kham is comprised of volcanic rock, which is a rarity here. Huge black lava rocks line the shoreline making the contrast with white sand very dramatic and attractive.Right by the black lava stones there is some good snorkeling with colourful coral fish, shells and crabs. I also saw plenty of brown sea urchins with thin long black spines and found lots of large sea shells.There is no restaurants or coffee shops in Koh Kham, but a small wooden hut on the beach selling soft drinks and light snacks. In Koh Kham there is no hotels on the island either, just an unfinished luxury resort with dozens of undone exclusive villas with private swimming pools and huge glass fronts. I heard that this unfinished property is now for sale.Due to its small size, it takes no more than 30 minutes to explore Koh Kham. Vegetation here is lush with plenty of coconut trees and a wide variety of wild orchids.The western and northern parts of Koh Kham are mountainous with huge cliffs. I think there is a viewpoint somewhere on the western side of the island, not sure, as it may have been destroyed with the construction project but I climbed my way up inland behind the construction area and ended up on top of the hill with stunning vistas over Koh Mak and the glimmering blue sea.After exploring the island I did some more snorkelling and swimming while waiting for the afternoon boat to pick us up. I did not bring any food with me to Koh Kham and I was already getting hungry so it was a good idea to head back to Koh Mak and enjoy late lunch.

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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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9 thoughts on “Koh Kham – A Scenic Island with Black Volcanic Rocks and White Powdery Beaches

  1. Great to see you are enjoying your time on Koh Mak. I live on Koh Chang but often visit Koh Mak as it’s a much more laid back atmosphere. If you’re still there, try to go to Koh Kradad to see the deer. You can take a boat from the beach at the nortwest tip of Koh Mak or paddle a kayak if you want some exercise.


    • Thank you Ian, I had such a fantastic time in Koh Chang and Koh Mak, really loved both islands. I wish I had had more time, would have also wanted to experience Koh Kradad and Koh Kood, a good reason to return some day, soon I hope!


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  6. What an interesting small island to visit and how strange that you found do many part completed villas and hotel. I wonder if the company that originally built them ran into financial difficulties. Certainly a peaceful and scenic spot.


    • Thank you for reading! I absolutely adored this island, definitely one of the highlights of my island hopping adventures. Yes, they might have encountered financial difficulties or something. I wish this island had stayed “untouched” when it comes to massive new developments like this. It would be so much prettier and quieter without.


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