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Exploring Koh Mak by Bicycle: Day 1


The beautiful Thai island of Koh Mak is a low carbon and sustainable destination so what could be a better way to explore the island than by bicycle! I absolutely love biking and of course I also wanted to respect and support the green values of the island, so I rented a bicycle for two days instead of a motorbike.Koh Mak is fairly small in size, just 10 kilometers wide and 5 kilometers long. The terrain in Koh Mak is mostly flat with a few hills in the interior, natural forest alongside lush groves of coconut and rubber trees, making it a perfect place to explore by bicycle. Besides biking is great exercise and a fantastic alternative to just chilling on a sun lounger all day long.I started my bicycle tour of Koh Mak in the afternoon after lunch having enjoyed some quiet time reading a book in my hotels’s lush green garden in the morning. After a couple of kilometres along the main road just behind Ao Kao Beach I turned right and headed to the beach as I wanted to explore the very eastern end of the beach. I spread my towel on the sand under a palm tree and had a nice refreshing swim before continuing my bicycle tour. The beach here was very quiet, basically no one else around. Long stretches of sand with some large rock areas here and there.Then I continued my ride towards Laem Son Beach at the very north-eastern corner of the island. The main road curved to the right towards Ao Pai Bay passing tiny villages and enormous rubber tree plantations. A couple of long steep hills up and down. When I passed a few secluded resorts I knew that I was almost there. After the resorts the paved road changed into a red dirt track with loose sand making it difficult to stay on the bike.

Rubber tree plantation.

It was a long ride from my hotel but finally I reached my destination: Laem Son Beach, a beautiful deserted beach with views across to the island of Koh Kradat. The weather was very hot so the first thing I did was plunging into the sea to cool off and then parked myself in the shade taking in the stunning views and enjoying the silence. I went on an easy walk to the end of the winding beach. There were a couple of fishing boats moored up and some local fishermen having a picnic in the shade of trees with their families. It was very quiet and enjoyable.Then I hopped back on my bike and rode the same route halfway back now noticing governmental buildings, a police station, small shops, petrol stations and gardens along the way. I turned left on Suttithanakul Road passing a local school with children playing ball in the field, a couple of small restaurants and shops before arriving at Wat Koh Mak, a buddhist temple built in 1947, located on top of a hill overlooking Ao Nid Bay. At the center of the complex there was a huge tree surrounded by large golden Buddha statues.Leaving the temple, I saw an organic farm just across the road. I had heard that Koh Mak is home to several organic farms so I was very curious and went over to have a look around and found that they grow plenty of different types of vegetables and fruits here.Next along my route was Koh Mak Museum at Ao Nid Bay, a white beach front building with exhibitions on the history of Koh Mak, old pictures, tableware etc. Unfortunately, the museum was closed at the time so I continued my ride.Up the hill from Koh Mak Museum I found a white pagoda overlooking the sea.From here vistas over the sea and Ao Nid Bay were stunning. The long pier at Ao Nid connects Koh Mak to the mainland. I also heard that the pier is a popular place for locals to meet each other and hang out.At this point I felt exhausted after a full afternoon of cycling so I took a break at Sweet Cake, a small coffee shop and bakery, on top of the hill. They had a very nice outdoor terrace with stunning views over Ao Nid Bay. Here I had a sandwich and a cold drink.Feeling energised again it was time to hit the road before the sun went down. Half an hour later I arrived back at my hotel just in time to watch the sun disappear below the horizon. I had such a great day exploring the island by bicycle. With a huge smile on my face I headed to my bungalow to freshen up before dinner. My bicycle tour on Day 2 continues here.

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14 thoughts on “Exploring Koh Mak by Bicycle: Day 1

  1. Great read! Did you by any chance see any kid seats on any of the bikes??


    • Thank you! At the bike shops they had all sorts of bikes but unfortunately I did not pay attention to kid seats. They might have or might not have, you never know as this is Thailand. They did have helmets though, so they may have other gear as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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  10. Beautiful photographs of your cycling trip, I would like to visit Koh Mak one day too.


  11. Nice work Piia. Loved your captures too 🙂


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