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Koh Wai: A Perfect Day on Paradise Island


While staying on Koh Chang I went on a day trip to Koh Wai, a very small crescent-shaped island 6 km south of Koh Chang. Koh Wai is a fairly uninhabited quiet island paradise with no villages, no shops, no roads, no traffic, no cars, no motorbikes, no parties, very limited electricity and just primitive bungalows in paradise.fotor_148251505610559fotor_148251356890435I bought the day trip to Koh Wai at a local travel shop in Bailan Bay for 600B including all transportations, a 50B voucher for food and drinks, and snorkelling gear. A pick up truck came to pick me up from the hotel in the morning and took me to Bang Bao pier from where we cruised on a slow wooden boat to Koh Wai in less than one hour. There was no pier on Koh Wai, so from the big boat we hopped on to a rowing boat and were taken to the beach.fotor_14825151113854Koh Wai is a perfect island paradise just to relax and do nothing but chill out on the beach, take a nap in the hammock, read a book, swim, enjoy sunbathing and do snorkelling in crystal clear waters. In other words do absolutely nothing!fotor_148251359700058KohWai_Thailand_02fotor_148251478409265Ooops! There is one must thing to do on Koh Wai: taking in the stunning views over the sea with turquoise waters and green mountains. Koh Chang’s pyramid-shaped mountains definitely add to Koh Wai’s breathtaking scenery and picture perfect settings.KohWai_Thailand_01fotor_148251435508554fotor_148251486778962fotor_148251377660841fotor_148251439237937A handful of pleasant small beaches with soft sand line Koh Wai’s northern shore with a simple coastal path connecting them to one another. Other coasts are rocky and the interior of the island is covered by untouched forest.fotor_148251463927157fotor_148251422413093fotor_148251394579256Koh Wai truly is a place where you can totally forget the world and just focus on relaxation. If I had had more time I would have stayed here at least 2–3 nights just to enjoy the peace and quiet in the remote island paradise. I absolutely loved the laid back atmosphere of Koh Wai and this is such an ideal place for people like me who from time to time want to take a break from the real world.fotor_148251445695232fotor_148251371642229fotor_148251483574989

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11 thoughts on “Koh Wai: A Perfect Day on Paradise Island

  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!


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  8. Absolute paradise! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos Piia.


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