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7 Places in Tallinn to Get into the Christmas Spirit, Estonia


Last week I travelled to Tallinn for the weekend to see what the Christmas time in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is all about. Even though I visit Tallinn regularly at least a couple of times a year, as it only takes 2 hours by ferry from Helsinki, this was my first visit to the city during the festive season. During the weekend I did lots of great Christmassy things and want to share my best experiences and best places to soak up Christmas spirit in Tallinn.fotor_148171491614737

1. Tallinn Christmas Market

After dropping off my bag at the hotel I headed to the annual Tallinn Christmas Market held at the Town Hall Square in the very heart of the medieval Tallinn Old Town by the majestic Town Hall. This is definitely the best place to soak up Christmas spirit in Tallinn. A beautifully decorated tall Christmas tree stands proudly in the middle of the square surrounded by little huts and stalls selling crafts, knitwear, souvenirs, and seasonal Estonian delicacies and hot drinks. Plentiful Christmas lights and seasonal decorations create a festive atmosphere, and aromas of gingerbread and mulled wine fill the air.

Tallinn Christmas Market | Tallinn Town Hall Square


2. Streets of Tallinn Old Town

At Christmas time Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town provides a very magical atmosphere with colourful houses, medieval gates and walls as well as narrow cobble stone lanes decorated with twinkling candles, seasonal decorations, Christmas trees and beautiful lights.fotor_148171721583457fotor_148171501173672

3. Harju Ice Skating Rink

Skating around the popular Harju Ice Skating Rink admiring the striking St. Nicholas’ Church next door is a great way to tune into the Christmas spirit. The atmosphere here is vibrant with plenty of people enjoying the outdoors and fresh winter air in the heart of Tallinn Old Town.

Harju Ice Rink | Tallinnfotor_148171505992652

4. Gingerbread Mania Art Exhibition

This seasonal art exhibition, Gingerbread Mania at the Gallery of Design and Architecture, has been created by over 100 professional artists and designers who have turned 300 kg of dough into unique gingerbread creations. I have seen lots of very decorative gingerbread houses in my life but never such creative and skillful pieces like owls, squirrels, trees, birds, snakes and everything related to forest.

Gallery of Design and Architecture | Pärnu mnt 6, Tallinn


5. Tallinn Flower Market

The best place to buy Christmas flowers in Tallinn must be the many flower shops by Viru Gate on the eastern edge of Tallinn Old Town. In addition to regular flowers and bouquets they have very pretty Christmas flowers, miniature Christmas trees, decorative Christmas bouquets, beautiful garlands and wreaths as well as mistletoes.

Tallinn Flower Market | Viru Gate


6. Cafe Maiasmokk and Marzipan Museum

The oldest cafe in Tallinn with unique interior, Cafe Maiasmokk, is my favourite place to take a break and enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake in Tallinn Old Town. The premises also hold a small exhibition about the history and uses of marzipan showcasing around 200 marzipan figures. Here you can watch a marzipan artist at work painting hand-made marzipans. They have a good selection of delicious marzipans as well as hand-made chocolates to take home for Christmas.

Cafe Maiasmokk | Pikk tn 16, Tallinn


7. Boutiques and Gift Shops in Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town accommodates hundreds of cute boutiques, small design stores as well as handicraft and gift shops making Tallinn Old Town a great place to shop for Christmas presents and tasty local Christmas treats.

Boutiques and Gift Shops | Tallinn Old Townfotor_148171480981276fotor_148171514433587

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9 thoughts on “7 Places in Tallinn to Get into the Christmas Spirit, Estonia

  1. This makes me want to visit again, but around this time of year instead of summer!


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  4. I’ve often visited Tallinn but always in the summertime so it’s especially nice to view it at its festive best, thank you and I’m pleased you enjoyed your weekend there.


    • Thank you for reading. I had a very nice weekend in Tallinn, even though I have been to Tallinn hundreds of times, there is always something new to see and do. I did not discover Cafe Maiasmokk until last weekend, such a charming place to enjoy a cup of tea!

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