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Enjoying Christmas Time in Helsinki


Christmas is full on in Helsinki! Seasonal lights and Christmas decorations are out and bring sparkle and glow into our grey winter darkness. Snow is yet to come, we all hope to get a white covering for Christmas, fingers crossed.helsinki_christmasmarketsEvery year I tend to go for a walk in Helsinki city centre to see the Christmas lights and to get into the holiday mood. Come and join me on the seasonal walk in Helsinki!helsinki_christmasmarketLet’s start at the Christmas Street of Aleksanterinkatu, the main shopping street in the heart of the city. This year the Christmas lights were turned on for the 68th year in a row. Originally it was the shopkeepers of Aleksanterinkatu who initiated the tradition back in 1949 in order to bring light and hope to residents, who were recovering from the war. These traditional Christmas lights have been unchanged for as long as I can remember.helsinki_christmaslightsSome of the side streets around Aleksanterinkatu and the Esplanade have also been decorated with beautiful Christmas lights and gigantic chandeliers creating a very royal-like atmosphere.helsinki_christmaslightsI found a hidden gem at Vanha Kauppakuja, also known as Mummotunneli, where the facades of the inner courtyard have been illuminated with lights changing colour from yellow and pink to green and blue.helsinki_christmaslights_vanhakauppakujaBy Kluuvi shopping centre I found a huge snow lantern, how cool is this!helsinki_christmaslightsThe abundance of Christmas Markets bring plenty of light and joy into the city. My absolute favourite Christmas market is at Senate Square with the striking white Helsinki Cathedral standing up high on top of the hill. Hundreds of charming stalls in pastel colours, a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the square, seasonal lights, and a traditional carousel added with magical ambiance make a perfect place to soak up Christmas spirit and indulge in delicacies.helsinki_christmasmarkethelsinki_christmasmarkethelsinki_christmasmarketThe small streets in the historical part of Helsinki in Tori Quarters are very cute with pastel houses and festive lights.helsinki_christmaslightsHelsinki Market Square right by the sea has received very traditional lights with Helsinki Sky Wheel glowing purple in the horizon.helsinki_christmaslights_marketsquareAgain this year Esplanade Park is decorated with thousands of beautiful lights, and the statue of J. L. Runeberg, the national poet of Finland, is accompanied by golden reindeer and a silver Christmas tree.helsinki_christmaslights_esplanadePassing by Stockmann department store is always a pleasure this time of the year. They have decorated their entrances with plenty of festive lights and Christmas trees. They also have stunning decorations inside the department store, including a “floating” Christmas tree and festive lights stretching from the bottom floor all the way up to the glass ceiling of the top floor.helsinki_christmaslights_stockmannhelsinki_christmaslights_stockmannEvery year Stockmann also puts a lot of effort on their Christmas window in the corner of streets Aleksanterinkatu and Keskuskatu. This is definitely a must-see and gathers huge crowds. This is a long tradition and I can clearly remember being totally thrilled about the magical Christmas windows when I was a child.helsinki_christmas_stockmannThis year the main street of Mannerheimintie has received brand new Christmas lights with light poles lining both sides of the street. I heard that next year these lights will be upgraded to something a lot more spectacular. Cannot wait!helsinki_christmaslightsMany city centre shopping centres such as City Centre, Forum and Kamppi also host beautiful seasonal lights and Christmas decorations worth seeing.

City Centre shopping centre.

City Centre shopping centre.

Forum shopping centre.

Forum shopping centre.

Kamppi shopping centre.

Kamppi shopping centre.

What is also interesting is that Christmas cribs from different parts of the world are on display in shop windows and churches in Helsinki city centre.helsinki_christmascribsAnd of course there is so much more to Helsinki at Christmas time. Come, explore and share your experiences with me! What are your favourite places at Christmas time?helsinki_christmaslights

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12 thoughts on “Enjoying Christmas Time in Helsinki

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  4. What a beautiful time of the year for Helsinki. I would really love to see it. Loved the inner courtyard changing colour. Stunning!! Thanks for a great post Piia.


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  6. The pictures are beautiful, can only imagine how much more so in person!


  7. Helsinki looks gorgeous at Christmas! I’m impressed by how decorated it is, almost makes up for the icy temperatures.


  8. You have been able to showcase Helsinki’s Christmas beautifully – it is looking stunning? I will keep my fingers crossed that you get a snowfall over the festive period to make it look even more perfect!


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