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TOP 5 Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2016


Year 2016 was my second year as a blogger, but it was my first full year of blogging. In 2016 I published a total of 46 posts, nearly one post per week, and I will keep it that way in the future too, since I want to create quality content.

Earlier we already looked back at the highlights of my travels in 2016. But what posts did you like best? Let’s review. Here are the Top 5 Blog Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2016. Looks like Tallinn and Helsinki are scoring high!top5in20161

1. 10 Things to See and Do in Tallinn’s Hipster District of Kalamaja

The most popular post by far was about Kalamaja, a former fishermen’s district, today one of the trendiest areas in Tallinn with plenty of off-beat cafes, restaurants and trendy boutiques. A hodgepodge of old wooden houses and abandoned industrial complexes add to the charm of the area. Always when I visit Tallinn, Kalamaja is the area where I go for a little walk combined with lunch or dinner. In this post I listed my favourite places in Kalamaja. Read full post here. Tallinn_TelliskiviLoomelinnak

2. 9 New Places to Visit in Helsinki 2016

The 2nd place goes to a post that introduces 9 new places to explore in Helsinki: great island escapes just off Helsinki city centre, a design sauna complex by the sea, a museum that takes visitors on a journey through time to bygone Helsinki, and a lot more. Read full post here.  Kuninkaansaari_helsinki_06

3. Enjoying Christmas Time in Helsinki

The 3rd most popular post showcases what Christmas time in Helsinki is all about: magical Christmas markets, meeting Santa Claus, plenty of glowing seasonal lights and festive decorations that bring sparkle and joy into the winter darkness. Read full post here.  helsinki_christmasmarkets

4. 7 Places in Tallinn to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Lucky number four is a post that features 7 places in Tallinn that I visited to get into the Christmas spirit: Christmas markets, Christmas shopping, ice skating, gingerbread, chocolate, marzipan, flowers and so much more! Read full post here. tallinnoldtown

5. Tallinn Culture Kilometre – A Fascinating Walk through Rough Times

This popular post about Tallinn Culture Kilometre that I wrote in 2015 attracts lots of readers month after month earning the 5th place in 2016. Maybe you should take look, too! Read full post here.  Tallinn_CultureKilometer_00I want to thank you all for an amazing 2016! Thank you for following my adventures. Thank you for reading, liking and commenting. It is very much appreciated. Let’s make year 2017 even more exciting with lots of new adventures near and far. I cannot wait to see where 2017 takes me.

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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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5 thoughts on “TOP 5 Posts on Ticket to Adventures in 2016

  1. Congrats on a great 2016! Looking forward to following your adventures in 2017.


  2. Although I try and spend a day in Tallinn each summer I haven’t been to Kalamaja yet, in fact I was unaware of it until I read about it in your blog post earlier in the year. That’s another reason why blogging is so nice – we can all learn so much from each other and it’s much more fun than simply reading Lonely Planet! I’m already looking forward to reading about your 2017 adventures and over the Christmas holiday we have been organising one or two little trips ourselves! I only started blogging in August 2015 – I hadn’t considered it before, but I’m so happy I decided to give it a try. Best Wishes, Marion.


    • Kalamaja is a must when in Tallinn. Even if the medieval old town is very picturesque I think it is way too touristy these days. Kalamaja is a breath of fresh air, a hodgepodge of old and new. Hope you get to visit soon.


    • I totally agree with you, blogging is so much fun! Even though it is very time consuming, I still love it. I started blogging in March 2015 and ever since I have started to look at things and especially my every day surroundings and my own city from a completely diffrent angle. I have found some true gems in Helsinki that I earlier did not even know existed.

      And reading other bloggers posts is great and each time I learn something new. The more I read the more I just want to travel the world.


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