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Green Getaway in Helsinki: Helsinki Winter Garden


Helsinki Winter Garden (Talvipuutarha) is a summery oasis of exotic plants and a delightful place to explore tropical greenery all year round.Especially on a cold and dark winter’s day when outdoor temperatures reach freezing cold, this elegant glasshouse feels like a hot tropical paradise of exotic flowers with a dash of colour and beautiful details.Summer sees countless beds of blooming roses and other colourful flowers brightening the outdoor rose garden, which is very well maintained.Helsinki Winter Garden was originally built in 1893 and today it houses a good collection of over 200 species of plants in 3 rooms.

The palm room of Helsinki Winter Garden holds tall palms, island pines and over hundred-year-old camellia trees. In this space a beautiful French style balcony with tables and chairs provides a beautiful view over the palm room and fish pond with a cute little fountain.A collection of desert flowers, succulent plants and cacti can be found in the cactus room.The western wing with pink walls is full of blooming flowers. Unfortunately there is no coffee shop or restaurant in Helsinki Winter Garden but this room provides plenty of seats and tables so you can enjoy your own picnic under palm trees in very picturesque settings. You could not wish for a lovelier location. A perfect place for a romantic date with a bottle of bubbly!Free entrance. Helsinki Winter Garden is located just a few kilometres out of Helsinki city centre, across the road from Töölönlahti Bay and the city’s major landmarks next to Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Helsinki Winter Garden | Hammarskjöldintie 1, 00250 Helsinki

Have you visited this tropical paradise in Helsinki? Please leave your comments in the box below!

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22 thoughts on “Green Getaway in Helsinki: Helsinki Winter Garden

  1. Wow this garden looks so beautiful! The perfect place to relax 🙂


  2. Helsinki Winter Gardens seem lovely. There are lovely gardens around here, which are great for all ages. This elaborate oasis of exotic plants invites you to take a tour of the greenery 😉


  3. This looks like a plant lovers paradise! So so beautiful!


  4. I can imagine just how glorious that is on a grim winter day. So much beautiful greenery and a feast for the eyes.


  5. What a cute place. I’ve been to Helsinki so many times but I never have enough time to see everything. Definitely checking this out on my next visit. 🙂


  6. Wow, this Looks like a treasure. Live in Sweden (currently travelling the world) but have only been to Finland a few times. Loved Helsinki when I was there, felt it was a city I could live in. When I go back I will keep this post in mind. Thank you!


  7. I’ll be in Helsinki next month. Will add it to our places to visit.


  8. You’ve touched upon one of my favourite kinds of places to visit when travelling – botanical gardens, especially those with grand glass palm houses. I didn’t know about this place in Helsinki but if we visit the city again, I’m making a beeline there.


    • I have never been that much into gardens let alone botanical gardens and places like this, however, I was totally blown away by the beauty of Helsinki Winter Garden. And yes, it was my first visit to the site even though Helsinki is my home town. In Helsinki there is also a botanical garden, will need to exolore that too as soon as get back home from my travels in Turkey.
      Thank you for your nice words, much appreciated.


  9. Lovely photos, we always try to fit in a visit when we are visiting Helsinki. Thank you for sharing.


  10. Wow, it looks so much like Kew Gardens in London! Looks like a must to visit when we are next in Helsinki.


  11. I have been, it is stunning.


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