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Exploring Koh Mak by Bicycle: Day 2


Having enjoyed such an active day exploring the eastern parts of Koh Mak by bicycle on Day 1, I was excited to start Day 2 with my bike, now with plans to see what the western part of the island had to offer.I started the day from my bungalow after late breakfast and took a paved road that goes to the centre of the island first passing a disc golf course and some resorts. Then going up a very long steep hill leading to Vista Lookout Point in the back garden of Thaidaho Vista Resort. Views over the sea and the neighbouring island of Koh Kham were magnificent from here. Only 10 minutes into my cycling tour, this was a perfect spot to take a short break, enjoy a cold drink and just take in the spectacular views.Next I headed to the western part of the island, easily riding my bike along a lengthy and winding road downhill at the same time enjoying the seaviews. I spotted a large development area down by the sea and according to my map there was a large beach right behind the development. The construction site looked dead so I just rode my bike right through it to reach Ao Pra Beach. It was low tide and the beach was filled with pools of hot shallow water. I had the place all to myself, went for a quiet walk and collected some cute seashells.Then I continued with my bike towards Laem Tookata, the very western point of the island. It was a long ride at least for a couple of kilometres uphill to the highest peak of the island, Paen Thi Mountain. The road was very curvy and steep so I mostly pushed my bike uphill feeling sweaty and weary as it was a hot day. Luckily when you go up you must come down at some point, so I was happy to reach the peak of the mountain and then ride down to Laem Tookata, a charming little cove with a pretty beach and old style bungalows.

At Laem Tookata I spent some quiet time on the beach and enjoyed superb vistas across to the neighbouring islands of Koh Rayang Nai and Koh Rayang Nok. Laem Tookata was a very nice and tranquil place, well worth the effort.There was only one road out from Laem Tookata so up the hill I pushed my bike again and once on top I took a right turn to avoid more hills. Heading to Ao Suan Yai Beach I passed vast coconut plantations and stopped at an organic garden next to Koh Mak Resort. Here a very friendly Thai lady showed me around introducing their vast array of fruits, vegetables and flowers.Arriving at Ao Suan Yai Beach was a great feeling, knowing that this was the last stop of the day. First I had late lunch at a beach restaurant and then I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying relaxed beach life until the sun went down and painted the sky with pastel colours.

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8 thoughts on “Exploring Koh Mak by Bicycle: Day 2

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  7. What gorgeous photos Piia,I really enjoyed your cycle tour. I think I would have ended up pushed no my bike uphill too and might have been a bit concerned about my brakes when coming no back down. I’d love to visit some of these remote beauty spots one day. Incidentally, what is Disc Golf?


    • Thank you for reading, this was a great adventure and such good excersice! Disc golf is a game in which players throw a flying disc at a target. I have never tried it but it is fairly popular here in Finland. And it was strange that on a remote small island like Koh Mak they had a disc golf course, I did not see any players over there though.

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