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Snowy Postcards from White Winter Wonderland of Finland


Winter, snow and freezing cold temperatures – we have it all in Finland! But to be honest, this winter has been a kind of strange when it comes to weather. At least here in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Temperatures continually fluctuate above and below zero meaning that it is either too “warm” with the snow melting or it is way too freezing cold with arctic winds.Currently we do have a thin white covering of snow in Helsinki but it seems to come and go. Lots of grey misty winter days with rain. But luckily also some pretty glorious sunny days when it totally feels like a true white winter wonderland!On a bright winter day nothing is better than going for a long walk by the seaside to enjoy the fresh outdoors and crisp sea air. If the weather stays freezing cold for a longer period of time there is a good chance of the sea being covered by a thick layer of ice. This makes it possible to walk over the frozen sea offering a huge playground for outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, hiking and walking the dog. Suddenly small islands off shore also become a lot closer, just a short stroll away, no boats or bridges needed.During the past few days we have enjoyed such perfect and sunny winter days so with this blog post I want to send lots of snowy postcards and wintry greetings from the white winter wonderland of Finland to all my dear readers around the world. Thank you for reading and following my adventures around the world, near and far!Which one of these wintry postcards would you pick and send home from Finland?

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22 thoughts on “Snowy Postcards from White Winter Wonderland of Finland

  1. This is getting me excited to visit in Finland for the first time in July. I definitely hope its not going to be as cold as it looks in these pictures. Will be checking out the rest of your posts on Finland’s Helsinki for a little inspo.


    • Great to hear that you will come to Finland this summer! In July it will be totally different, no snow, no cold. It will be so green and nice and I am sure you will enjoy the midnight sun as well. Cannot wait to hear about your adventures in Finland!


  2. I actually think Winter is really beautiful. If one is dressed well then a little cold air can be refreshing (unless its -20 then….. stay inside!). I can’t wait to see some snow in a couple weeks in North Finland. 🙂


    • I really love winter too as long as it doesn’t get too cold as I cannot stand arctic temperatures. All my life I have been wondering why I was born in this cold country instead of a hot and sunny place haha.

      Oh you are going to Northern Finland, that is exciting! What is your itinerary like?


  3. Lovely pictures, it sure does not look like suck a cold day after all, but I know the sun can sometimes be deceitful. I don’t think I could live for a long time in such a cold place, but your pictures and descriptions sure make me want to pay your city a visit. Maybe in the Summer time though 🙂


    • Sunny winter days are very beautiful but they are also always the coldest days, whereas with overcast weather it is warmer. Helsinki is definitely at its best during the summer months of June-July-August, so vibrant with plenty to see and do. Hope you get a chance to visit soon!

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  4. Walking to an island?! That just sounds insane! But it also does sound like a winter wonderland. I’m just not a big fan of the cold but perhaps if someone dressed me appropriately, I would do much better 😛


    • Yep, during the coldest winter months we even have official ice roads over frozen lakes in the countryside. I have never experienced one myself but would definitely find it very scary to ride a car on a frozen lake. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  5. What lovely photos and scenery! We did not have a very good winter here in Chicago – barely any snow, which makes me sad! Thanks for sharing!


  6. These photos are SO beautiful! We had a terrible winter here in Ontario, Canada (by terrible I mean barely a winter at all) and seeing all that fluffy white stuff makes me wish it was still winter! I’d send all of these home as postcards! 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind words! I would not call our winter a proper winter either, just a tiny bit of snow with either very cold or very warm temperatures. Strange. Really looking forward to the summer already!

      Liked by 1 person

      • We’ve been known to get the odd blizzard as late as early May… let’s hope that doesn’t happen and we have a real spring season! 😹


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  8. Beautiful pictures and perfect for postcards. My favourites are the dog walker through the trees and the colourful houses with the boat in the foreground.;)


  9. Oh Piia, these photos are some of the reasons why I love Finland so much. When I used to visit Espoo for work it was always in March and so I was sometimes able to experience this winter wonderland for myself. I tried to select one of the photos as a postcard to send, but do you know, they are all so beautiful, I was spoilt for choice so could have sent all of them! Thank you for posting. Marion.


  10. Fabulous Pics: Had to repost: My home country after all 😉


  11. Reblogged this on Rantings Of A Third Kind and commented:
    Finland: my home country! Go check out these great pics!


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