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Winter Days by the Beach in Noordwijk aan Zee


Every day is a beach day in Noordwijk aan Zee! Even during the coldest winter season when temperatures fluctuate below and above zero degrees Celsius.fotor_148663374159812Earlier this week I spent 4 days in Noordwijk aan Zee, a small beach town on the dunes by the Atlantic Ocean, in the province of South Holland some 50 km southwest of Amsterdam.fotor_148666549598855I was told that back in the days Noordwijk aan Zee used to be a fishing settlement but today it is more touristy and popular in the summertime with Dutch and German holidaymakers. That really does not surprise me at all as the beach is absolutely gorgeous. 14 km of fine sand right by the Atlantic Ocean!fotor_148666517794350I was in Noordwijk aan Zee on business so I did not really have much time at all to explore the village but I did escape our conference venue a couple of times to take in some fresh sea air at the beach.

Even if the location was right by the Atlantic Ocean it was not too windy to go for a walk on the beach and collect seashells. My absolute favourite thing to do at the beach! Despite gloomy weather there were actually quite a lot of people walking their dog, flying kites, jogging and doing horse back riding.fotor_148666531780916fotor_14866653867258fotor_148666523806892fotor_148664492826639I cannot even properly describe how beautiful the place was, and my photos do not really do any justice. It was overcast with occasional showers during all four days I spent in Noordwijk aan Zee, but I am sure that when the sun comes out with blue skies, the vistas over the ocean must be spectacular.

Noordwijk aan Zee is definitely a place where I will return some day to enjoy beach life and sunny days. I was totally blown away by its beauty, as I did not know that such long and attractive beaches exist in the Netherlands!fotor_148666556451545fotor_148666559752336

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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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6 thoughts on “Winter Days by the Beach in Noordwijk aan Zee

  1. I love your post! If you have more experience and memories from the Netherlands I will be happy to read about them as I am planning to give chance to that country and visit it from now on more often! I don’t know why I had some negative shield from my trip there and your post showed me that I am definitely wrong!


  2. Your post brought back some happy memories for me. We stayed there for a few nights on a motoring holiday many years ago. We had taken our car on the ferry to Vlissingen (Hook of Holland) and spent time touring Holland. I remember the sand dunes and I think Holland was the first places I tried French fries with mayonnaise! Absolutely delicious but not very healthy!! Your photo of seashells is gorgeous!


  3. Nice shells! I always collect shells on my beach trips… but those are really pretty!


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