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Transport: How to Get from Bangkok to Koh Chang


Many people have asked me what is the best and easiest way to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok. This of course totally depends on what type of traveller you are. Some people want to get to Koh Chang as quickly as possible. Some people want to get to Koh Chang as cheaply as possible.kohchang_transport_ferryThis time I only had the chance to do island hopping in Thailand for 2 weeks so I opted for the quickest and most convenient way to get from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang: by plane, as I did not want to waste one full day travelling on a bus after a 10-hour flight from Helsinki to Bangkok.

My original plan was to arrive in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport on Finnair at 06:30 and take a Bangkok Airways flight to Trat at 08:30. Of course my flight from Helsinki to Bangkok was delayed like long haul flights always are. I knew it was going to happen so I was lucky I had not booked a flight ticket to Trat in advance. bangkokairwaysWhen we landed at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport I only had 45 minutes to catch the Bangkok Airways flight to Trat. Time was tight but I wanted to try my luck. I was very surprised how quickly I managed to get through immigration and pick up my suitcase. But yeah I did run for my life and managed to reach Bangkok Airways check-in desk one minute after check-in had closed. The lady at the desk was very friendly and advised that they could take me on board and gave me 5 minutes to go upstairs to Bangkok Airways ticket office to buy a ticket. So I ran upstairs with my suitcase sweating like a pig. My one-way ticket to Trat was 2550 Baht + 100 Baht service fee. Not bad at all, as the regular price was 2550 Baht when booking online. So I was very happy and rushed back downstairs to the check in desk to drop off my suitcase.

At that stage I had 30 minutes to get to the aircraft. I hurried through the security control to the departure gate, even stopped along the way to buy a bottle of water. When I arrived at the gate a transfer bus was waiting to take me to the aircraft, obviously I was the last one to arrive.bangkokairwaysSoon after the Bangkok Airways flight PG301 to Trat (TDX) took off right on time at 08:30. Bangkok Airways operate three daily flights (early morning, late morning and afternoon) from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Trat so if I had not made this early morning flight I would have taken the next flight at 11:40. Bangkok Airways, one of Thailand’s premier airlines, actually owns Trat airport and so has a monopoly on the daily flights to/from Trat.

During the flight we were served a hot meal with tea and coffee. The flight was very comfortable and after 40 minutes we already landed safely at Trat airport, which is located on the mainland as there is no airport on Koh Chang.bangkokairwaystrat_airport_bangkokairwaysI had absolutely no idea what was the best and easiest way to get to Koh Chang from Trat airport. So I went to the airport information desk to find out that I should take a shared minivan directly to my hotel in Klong Prao. The ticket was 500 Baht one-way including ferry crossing.kohchang_transport_ferryFrom Trat airport it was a 30-minute drive to Ao Thammachat ferry terminal for Koh Chang. There was a long line of cars waiting for the ferry. Fortunately our minivan was one of the last cars to fit in on the ferry. We got off the van and I went to the upper deck to enjoy gorgeous sea views over Koh Chang.kohchang_transport_ferrykohchang_transport_ferryAfter a 30-minute ferry ride we reached Koh Chang and headed to the east coast of the island. Along the way we stopped at a petrol station before dropping off people at White Sand Beach and Chai Chet and thereafter reached my hotel The Gallery @Koh Chang in the village of Klong Prao at around midday.kohchang_transport_ferryfotor_148509046389738My flight + minivan transfer from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Koh Chang was very convenient and painless, definitely the easiest and quickest way to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok!

There are, of course, other ways to reach Koh Chang, too. You can choose between a public bus, VIP bus, minibus, taxi, car etc. I am sure it is great for those people who have got plenty of time or want to travel cheap.kohchang

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3 thoughts on “Transport: How to Get from Bangkok to Koh Chang

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  2. How interesting to hear about your flight transfer from Bangkok and that you made the connection with so little time to spare. I think that I would take that option too rather than a lengthy overland bus. After all that rushing round, your resort looked perfect to sit and relax in the sunshine. Thank you for sharing this post and hope you are having a nice weekend! M.


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