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In Infinity with Crazy Polka Dot Art at HAM Helsinki Art Museum


I am not the biggest fan of museums but when something out of the ordinary comes up, like the colourful exhibition In Infinity by Yayoi Kusama at HAM Helsinki Art Museum at Tennis Palace (Tennispalatsi) in Helsinki city centre, I could not wait to have the opportunity to visit.helsinkiartmuseum_HAM_YayoiKusama_ininfinityfotor_147809173706430Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who creates lots of different types of art – installations, paintings, sculptures. And they all have one thing in common – polka dots.

The museum entrance was all painted with polka dots in red and white and once I reached the top of the stairs the artist dressed in a polka dot outfit was there to greet the guests.fotor_147809186296952fotor_147809183224792I did not have any prior expectations and not did not really know too much about the exhibition in advance. So once I stated exploring the exhibition at HAM Helsinki Art Museum I was totally blown away by the extraordinary pieces of art.

I get extremely inspired by dots and other graphical patterns as well as strong colours, so I immediately got empowered by Yayoi Kusama’s art work.fotor_147772392247476fotor_147809176119757As you can see the In Infinity exhibition was all about polka dots, in all sizes, patterns and colours.fotor_147809181392960fotor_147809166011845fotor_147809161908322It also looked like Yayoi Kusama had a strange obsession with pumpkins as there were lots of art work especially sculptures and paintings with pumpkins.fotor_147809135882921fotor_14780917901430fotor_147809147666821The In Infinity exhibition also hosted extensive installations with mirrors endlessly reflecting patterns and colours making you feel like you are in an endless space.fotor_14780914048227fotor_147809144245354My absolute favourite installation at HAM Helsinki Art Museum was the room full of paper lamp shades that beautifully changed colours with endless reflections from the mirrors.fotor_14781652258657fotor_147816514186112fotor_147816505475477Before leaving HAM Helsinki Art Museum there was still one more space to explore on the bottom floor of the museum. It was a room painted in white, The Obliteration Room, that undergoes a slow transformation as visitors get to place colourful stickers throughout the space. Where would you place your sticker? I placed my little blue sticker on the tip of one of the high heel shoes.fotor_147809189376039fotor_147809192347411I absolutely loved this exhibition. It was such a colourful and inspirational experience. So weird but so wonderful at the same time. I can still see polka dots all over the place!

If this exhibition arrives in a city near you I can highly recommed a visit. What do you think of Yayoi Kusama’s art?fotor_147809163985796

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18 thoughts on “In Infinity with Crazy Polka Dot Art at HAM Helsinki Art Museum

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  4. I have always thought about Helsinki as an artsy city, so this fits perfectly in. Crazy polka dot for sure – but so funny!


    • Oh really, thsese days there is quite a lot of interesting art in the city, not only in museums but also on the streets and all over the place, just getting bigger and better every day 🙂 This is exhibition was definitely one of the greates I have ever seen, I got so energised and inspired.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Amazing photos you have taken! I went there too and although I don’t like museums that much I loved all the colours. The mirrored pumkin patch was stunning.


  6. I love it! Colorful, cheerful, and so creative! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  7. This looks interesting! Wonder if it’s still on, or did I miss it…


  8. What a bright, colourful exhibition. I, too enjoy bright colours but I know very little of her work apart from seeing her polka dot trees on the Esplanade this summer!


    • That’s right, some of the trees at Esplanade park were decorated with Kusama’s polka dot art this summer. Back then I did not pay that much attention to the artist but it is now all coming togther as I now more about her and her art. Today when I walked through Kamppi metro station I also saw some of her art on display right by the metro tracks. Funny that Kusama’s art is all over Helsinki now, which I think is great with so much colour.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Awesome art post. Thank You. Happy Sunday!


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  11. We had this exhibition in Brisbane a few years ago. I loved it, especially the obliteration room. I went at the beginning when there were few dots, but at the end the entire room was covered.


    • Oh great to hear that you have seen the exhibition too! It would be very interesting to see what the obliteration room looks like in January just before the exhibition moves to a new location. I think I will revisit anyways as I really loved the colours of the exhibition.


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