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Pastel Sunsets of Rhodes, Greece


Right now I would give anything to be able to go back to Greece or just any other place on earth where it is warm and sunny. It is November and the weather in Finland is currently extremely grey and wet. No sunshine, just dark clouds and grey November rain with harsh wind. I suppose our autumn and winter will be like this at least for the next couple of months until the snow falls. According to the weather forecast first snow might fall already today, but so far it is just raining.Rhodes_sunsetThis is why I want to take us back to Rhodes where the sun is shining, in the evening painting the sky with all shades of pastel colours. I wish I was walking on the beach watching the sun set below the horizon and admiring sunset colours play in the sky with clouds. Watching a fisherman catch fish of the day, children playing around, boats sailing off to the sunset, waves splashing at the pier. And capturing it all with my senses and camera of course! Let’s enjoy!Rhodes_sunsetRhodes_sunsetRhodes_sunsetRhodes_sunsetRhodes_sunsetIalyssos_trianda_rhodes_sunset_05Rhodes_sunsetRhodes_sunsetIalyssos_trianda_rhodes_sunset_03Rhodes_sunsetRhodes_sunset

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9 thoughts on “Pastel Sunsets of Rhodes, Greece

  1. Stunning pics! May I know where in Rhodes Island were these shot? Especially the last one. I am going to Rhodes for three days this August.. Hope I can capture sunset pics like these too 🙂


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  4. Absolutely gorgeous!


  5. Such gorgeous Rhodes sunsets. It’s sunny here this morning, let’s hope you get a little too!


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