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Walking Medieval Rhodes Old Town Moat


During my holiday in Rhodes I woke up at sunrise every morning to do my morning run/walk along the coastal paths. One morning I headed towards Rhodes Old Town and by the commercial harbour I accidentally found an entrance to the gigantic Rhodes Old Town moat surrounding the walls of medieval Rhodes Old Town.rhodes_oldtown_moatIt was still early in the morning, not too many people on the move. There was no one else in sight and the gates were open. I was not sure whether it was ok to access the moat but since the moat with wide green gardens looked very inviting I decided to enter. Later on I heard that the moat is always accessible, day and night.fotor_147594017892157Running along the inland side of Rhodes Old Town for approximately 2,5 km, the moat is fairly deep and very wide, with beautifully maintained green gardens and sandy paths.fotor_14759404636953fotor_147593974915623Rhodes Old Town moat is considered one of the finest examples of medieval fortifications in Europe providing an absolutely stunning experience to admire several outstanding gates, striking towers and the massive old town walls that are up to 12 meters thick.fotor_147593971561884fotor_147594032057672fotor_147593983362933fotor_147594011916781Exploring sturdy bastions, artillery firing posts, low casemates and long ramparts in the middle of the moat together with exciting underground passages felt like a true adventure back in the old days. Cannons and gigantic cannon balls added to the experience.fotor_147593968905560fotor_147593981160619fotor_147594025482093fotor_147593978249412Just like the atmosphere in the Old Town, discovering the moat felt like stepping centuries back in time. I even found it a bit spooky as there was no people around. I only saw a few people on their morning walk, but other than that it was very quiet.fotor_147594023002814fotor_147594009277165It was a great idea to explore the moat very early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the scorching sun. The tall old town walls provided plenty of shade making my morning walk very pleasant! And besides, this was my first time ever walking a historical moat. Do you know if there are other historical moats to explore?fotor_147594042541237fotor_147594028228960

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12 thoughts on “Walking Medieval Rhodes Old Town Moat

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  5. Looks like the perfect place for a morning walk! Really enjoyed this tour through such a historical area:)


  6. I’ve being following you on WP for quite a while. I like your photos and I take your posts as suggestions on places to visit, but what strikes me the most is that your pics are consistently “right”. I don’t doubt that this is the ability of the photographer, but can you say something about your gear?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for following and reading! Recently I have been photographing mostly with my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, but I should definitely invest in a proper camera to be able to take better shots. Do you have any recommendations for good gear?


      • Cellphones have amazing cameras. However, despite using prevalently Nikons, I have being using a compact Canon G11 for a while, passing to a Canon G1 X which I am still very fond of. So, there is already a suggestion. However, the market is very prolific. Sony produces very interesting cameras (SONY RX1R mark II, really small, really powerful is one of my desiderata). You can refer to dpreview.com for in-depth analysis of all kind of gear.


      • Thank you for the hints, very valuable information!

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Some more splendid photographs of Rhodes! I admire you taking an early morning jog even on holiday, we walk a lot but I’m not keen on running, probably because the only time I do it is when I’m rushing to board a bus and am carrying heavy shopping bags !


    • Thank you for reading! Even though I am not a morning person at all I love waking up early to enjoy the quietness while doing my excercise. Also the air is nice and “cool” early in the morning. During the day it was way too hot to do any form of excercise.

      Liked by 1 person

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