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In Photos: Autumnal Colour Explosion in Helsinki


During the past few weeks mother nature has given us the best front seats to watch the playful autumnal game of changing of the foliage colours here in Helsinki.helsinki_autumnhelsinki_autumn_hakasalmenhuvila

A couple of weeks ago a strong autumn storm swept over Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and I was so afraid of loosing all colourful leaves that trees were carrying but luckily not too much damage was done.helsinki_autumn_uutela

By now most trees have already changed colours from green to all shades of yellow, orange, red and auburn. Some trees are still dressed in full green whereas some trees, especially birch trees, have already lost their leaves.helsinki_autumn_foliage

In addition to my post last week, Best Places to See Autumn Colours in Helsinki, I want to share some of my favourite autumnal photos with you as there is still plenty of colour to admire. Some of these photos feature colourful autumn foliage combined with city life and architecturally stunning buildings, and some autumn foliage with magnificent seaview. Some photos are just simply with stunning and bright foliage.

Architecture and city lifeHelsinki_Kaivopuisto_autumn_01Helsinki_Tokoinranta_autumnhelsinki_autumn_toolohelsinki_autumn_ullanlinnahelsinki_autumn_kaivopuistohelsinki_autumn_kaivopuistohelsinki_autumn_hakasalmenhuvilahelsinki_autumn


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Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

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32 thoughts on “In Photos: Autumnal Colour Explosion in Helsinki

  1. These photos are just amazing, so colourful. It looks like an amazing city to walk around during autumn 🙂


  2. Just amazing!! I would LOVE to go to Finland, and this makes me want to go even more. Incredible colors – especially love the flowers growing up the wall. Fantastic photography!


  3. Such beautiful and lovely pictures 💙


  4. Helsinki is one of my favorite cities. I love how it’s so walkable, how clean and well-designed it is for the most part. Favorite places to go (food and drink of course) are Baker’s, Vltava, and Virgin Oil Company. I usually check in at the Holiday Inn at the city centre and always have a nice stay. It’s in a great location: train and bus stations right there, and walking distance to Stockmann’s and the restaurants cited.


    • Great to hear that you like Helsinki! Yes Helsinki is very nice and compact, I never use any form of transportation in the city centre as it is so walkable. The pizzas at Virgin Oil are the best!


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  13. Beautiful fall captures! Thank you for the post!


  14. Finland is truly beautiful. I wish to spend the autumn there.


  15. Just spectacular !!!


  16. Our leaves are just starting to turn in England now but the last few days have been wet and windy so we might not be able to enjoy the foliage for very long. I enjoyed viewing your photos, thank you.


  17. Autumn colours are lovely in Finland! Specially this autumn have been very beautiful. We even haven’t get almost any rainy days.


    • Thank you for reading, much appreciated. Autumn colours are truly stunning here and taking long walks among all these colours is such a joy. I only wish the weather had been more sunny, but like you said, luckily not too much rain this autumn 🙂


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