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Rhodes: Picture-perfect Ancient Village of Lindos


Stunning whitewashed houses climbing amphitheatrically the slopes of a hill topped with a fortress at the end of a sweeping blue bay with a golden sandy beach make Lindos one of the most captivating villages in Rhodes.Rhodes_LindosLocated some 50 km from Rhodes Town, Lindos is very picturesque more than anything. The scenery with turquoise waters is absolutely picture-perfect. What do you think?Rhodes_Lindos_01Lindos_sea_04Back in time Lindos was settled by Minoans and a natural harbour led it to become one of the three important cities in Rhodes together with Ialyssos and Kamiros. Today Lindos can be divided into three parts: the idyllic village itself, the acropolis on top of hill, and the beach. I spent one full day exploring all three parts of Lindos and I wish I could have stayed longer.Lindos_village_05

Acropolis of Lindos

I started my Lindos exploration at the ancient acropolis with ruins of the ancient city that lies within massive walls on top of the hill. The acropolis is accessible by foot via a series of steps or you can hire a donkey at the entrance of the village to take you up to the top.Lindos_acropolis_02Lindos_donkeyI was so excited to finally have a chance to explore Lindos and did not pay any attention to signposts so I got a little lost on my way up. After many detours in the labyrinth of narrow alleys I found my way climbing up the donkey route, without a donkey though. The day was getting very hot and it was a very sweaty climb up but the views along the way were more than rewarding.Lindos_sea_03Lindos_village_streetsignLindos_beach_smallThe Acropolis of Lindos was originally fortified by the knights of St John. Today the crusader fortress comprises the Byzantine Church of St John, Temple of Athena Lindia, Doric Stoa and Portico, and propylaea ruins.Lindos_acropolis_01Lindos_acropolis_03Lindos_acropolis_04I had never been to an ancient acropolis with majestic colonnades before so this was a very unique experience for me. It was also such a fantastic place to explore the history of Rhodes with absolutely stunning views over the white village, blue sea and gorgeous St Paul’s Bay where the apostle supposedly crashed on the island during a storm and brought Christianity with him.Lindos_villageRhodes_LindosAcropolisLindos_StPaulsBay

Lindos Village

With whitewashed houses influenced by Byzantine, medieval, Arab and Rhodian architecture, pebble paved patios, narrow winding alleyways full of small shops, bars and restaurants make Lindos village such an exciting adventure.Lindos_village_01Lindos_village_02The best thing to do in Lindos is to explore the labyrinth of small backstreets, churches and white Captain’s houses without a map, getting totally lost and soaking up the atmosphere of the small Greek village.Lindos_village_churchLindos_village_doorLindos village has been declared a National Historic Landmark and local traffic laws limit the use of vehicles in the main part of the village to just motorbikes and donkeys so here you can truly enjoy easy walks without traffic. However, the heat in Lindos is almost unbearable. Some locals told me that Lindos is one of the hottest places in Rhodes and you can totally feel it.Lindos_village_06Lindos_village_03

Lindos Beach

The beautiful Lindos Beach with spectacular views up to the village and acropolis as well as over sweeping Lindos Bay is an ideal place to cool off after a hot day of exploring. Here the sand is so soft and waters are incredibly turquoise with no waves.Lindos_beach

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27 thoughts on “Rhodes: Picture-perfect Ancient Village of Lindos

  1. Love the photos! Lindos is such an incredible place- Alexander the Great consulted the Oracle there! That sea is amazing, isn’t it?


  2. Wow Lindos looks amazing and a lot less touristy than those other Greek Islands! Love those bright pink flowers as well


  3. Great pictures of the old village!


  4. I really enjoyed your trip to Lindos. I was there long time ago. But it’s a place I’ve never forgotten. Next to me stand a little blue-turquoise bowl from Lindos, that I bought in a shop with 1000 other blue-turquoise crafts. It was a stunning view! ::-)


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  11. Great post! I’ve always loved Greece, but Lindos has been my favourite place there by far! We arrived in the small hours in the morning in the pitch black and stumbled to bed not even thinking about where we were. I’ll never forget the moment I opened the shutters in the morning to see sparkling sea as far as the eye could sea! It literally took my breath away. Reeeeally want to go back there now, it’s been years! x


  12. It really is breathtaking. I love those whitewashed buildings but have never seen them live.. yet.


    • I can highly recommed Rhodes and Lindos as a holiday destination, it is truly so beautiful over there and plenty of exciting places to explore! However, the amount of tourists is annoying. I truly hope that the historical places will be preserved for the generations to come, too.

      Liked by 1 person

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  15. Some lovely photos of Lindos. It was interesting to read about the town as yesterday one of my friends told me that her son was getting married at St Paul’s Chapel there next summer. The men are planning on wearing full Highland dress with kilts so they will no doubt be sweltering in that heat !but the location is beautiful.


    • Thank you, Lindos truly is a mesmerising place. What a great idea to get married there, a perfect place for great wedding photos, the colours are so amazing. But wearing a kilt in the heat…only thinking about it makes me sweat.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Photo’s are beautfiful!!! Really represented the beautiful and colour of Greece amazingly.

    Check out my blog when you get the chance. xx


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