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Rhodes Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Rhodes, the Island of Knights


I just spent 2 amazing weeks on the Greek island of Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands just 16 km from the Turkish coast, known for its beaches, ancient ruins and Rhodes Old Town, the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Rhodes_LindosAcropolisRhodes_Lindos_01When I arrived on the island I had absolutely no plans as I only wanted to relax, enjoy easy days in the sun and chill out at the swimming pool and the beach since the summer at home in Finland so far had been cold and cloudy with nearly no sunshine at all.Rhodes_Ialyssos_beach_01Rhodes_sailingI stayed my first week in the village of Ialyssós (Trianda) on the windy north coast of Rhodes. The touristic area right by the beach was busy with restaurants, bars and tourist shops but luckily my hotel was located 2 km inland from the coastline. It was so nice and quiet to stay away from the crowds and to actually see how local people live their daily life.Rhodes_IalyssosPebble and shingle beaches of the north coast of Rhodes are not the best ones for sunbathing and swimming as the wind is hard and waves may get high. However, these beaches provide a perfect place for watersports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing.Rhodes_Ialyssos_beachRhodes_kitesurfingIn addition to relaxing at the hotel swimming pool my favourite thing to do in Ialyssós was exploring Ialyssós village and the coastline by bicycle. Filerimos Hill with the Monastery of the Virgin Mary and the ruins of an ancient acropolis just a couple kilometres away from Ialyssós village were the most interesting places to visit in the area.Rhodes_FilerimosMonasteryAfter chilling the first week in Ialyssós I relocated to Rhodes Town for the second week. Rhodes Town offers anything and everything: lots of interesting things to see and do, world-class shopping, buzzing nightlife, beaches and turquoise waters, history in the medieval old town and exciting adventures in Rhodes old town moat.RhodesTown_beachRhodesOldTownIn Rhodes Town there was so much going on around the clock that I found it a bit challenging to unwind so I decided to rent a car to see what the island has to offer. Stunning long sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, idyllic fishing villages, picture perfect towns, ancient archaeological sites, crusader castles, frescoed churches, green hills and mountains. Read more about my road trips on Rhodes: West Coast from Ialyssós to Fourni Beach, Inland and Mountains, East Coast from Rhodes Town to Lindos.Rhodes_AgathiBeachRhodes_MonolithosCastleRhodes_Lindos

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14 thoughts on “Rhodes Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Rhodes, the Island of Knights

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  6. I like the old arched pathway through the cafes. That looks like it comes straight out of a movie set!


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  8. I’ve not visited Rhodes so I’m looking forward to exploring the island through your posts.


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  10. Wow! Place looks amazing! Love your blog!


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