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5 New Places to Visit in Helsinki 2015


Recently lots of new interesting places have appeared on the map in Helsinki. I am happy to introduce the following 5 new places as I believe that they truly do bring a fresh vibe to the restaurant and cultural scene of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

1. Hernesaari Beach – Hernesaaren Ranta

This new outdoor restaurant area open all week from morning until late at night all through the summer was opened just two weeks ago in the redeveloping urban area of Hernesaari by the sea southwest of the city centre. Hernesaari Beach accommodates a range of cargo container restaurants, bars and cafes, a dance hall, a sunbathing area and a cove to stay at anchor for those arriving by boat. Here you can enjoy a relaxing summer day combined with refreshing drinks and tasty street food, sushi, pizza or Mexican delicacies just to name a few. DJ takes care of the music and entertainment in the evenings. This unique area is a blend of international beach atmosphere and industrial urban landscape, and offers magnificent views over the sea and the upscale city centre residential areas of Eira and Kaivopuisto.

Location: Hernesaarenranta 6

2. Harbour warehouse Makasiini L3

The old harbour warehouse Makasiini L3 in the area of Jätkäsaari, a new residential district by the sea at the southwestern edge of the city, is becoming a diverse cultural center. Designed by Lars Sonck, the old brick building with rough looks and atmospheric halls is today home to creative art activities. The building accommodates artists’ studios, offices and art lounges. Art galleries such as Galleria Huuto and SIC Gallery with interesting exhibitions are definitely worth a visit. Vintage and antique lovers may want to visit shops like Fargo Vintage & Music, Weird Antiques, Supreme Diner Furniture and Golden Classics Car Show & Cafe.

Location: Tyynenmerenkatu 6

3. The Abattoir – Teurastamo

The historical compound Abattoir (Teurastamo in Finnish) was originally constructed in 1933 when it housed the city abattoir. Used for wholesale in the recent years, the area is now being taken over by residents, phase by phase. The first restaurants and shops have opened their doors and many interesting and distinctive events take place in the charming garden and courtyard. A part of the garden is used by urban gardeners who grow their plants in huge boxes and sacks. One very interesting event at the Abattoir this summer is the Street Food Thursday, which calls together food trucks and an evening flea market held on the first Thursday of each month.

Location: Työpajankatu 2

4. Antique, design and vintage market

In the heart of the Punavuori district, the Fredrikintori Square hosts an antique, design and vintage market. Small local shops lining the nearby streets make an outing together with the neighbourhood association (Punavuoriseura) in a row of unique Sunday markets until the end of September, mainly on the first and third Sundays of each month.

Location: Punavuorenkatu 1

5. Think Corner – Tiedekulma

Ran by the University of Helsinki, Think Corner is a place to chill out, socialise, live and learn. It operates as a coffee shop, bookstore and a venue for discussions and events. Think Corner is a place where you can experience what the research and teaching at the University of Helsinki is about.

2 Locations: Think Corner Aleksi, Aleksanterinkatu 7 and Think Corner Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3

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  13. …good to know! Thanks for it…I will travel in two weeks to Helsinki and now looking forward to discover the new places! 🙂

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