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This is How it All Started


Let’s make a long story short. It was the late 1980’s and I was 10 years old. That is when this journey began. I travelled overseas with my family for the first time of my life. It was a beach holiday to the Canary Islands. There were so many things I had never experienced before: palm trees, hot sun, colourful birds, people talking a funny language I did not understand. And oh boy, I was so excited! After the holiday I told my mother that when I grow up I want to go back and work as a tour guide.

Inspired by our annual family holidays I developed a strong interest in travelling as well as foreign languages and cultures. As a teenager I dreamt of taking a language course in the UK during the summer holidays or a year in the USA as an exchange student. Unfortunately at that stage my parents crushed my big dreams but promised to support me if I still had the urge to travel after finishing school.

And I did! More than ever! As soon as I graduated from school at the age of 19 I packed my suitcase and travelled as far away from Finland as possible, to Australia. I spent a year working and studying in Australia and before coming back home I backpacked around the country for a couple of months. The year in Australia was the most amazing experience ever! I made great new friends, partied fairly hard in the nightlife of Perth, enjoyed the world-class beaches and life in the outdoors, got to swim with dolphins, faced a shark from eye to eye while snorkelling, slept under the stars in the outback close to Ayers Rock, and visited the monumental Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, just to name a few.

In my early 20’s while studying at the university in Finland I took the opportunity to study an academic year abroad, or actually, in was meant to be just one semester. But at the end found myself living in the United Kingdom for 3 years. The first 1,5 years in Birmingham studying tourism business management and working part-time. And the next 1,5 years living down on the south coast of England in Bournemouth and doing my Master’s degree. As it was an international double degree, I did half of the studies in Madrid, the lively capital of Spain. During the 3 amazing years in the UK and Spain I managed to travel these two countries fairly thoroughly. However, there still remains many places to visit and I would also love to go back especially to Birmingham to see how the city has changed over the years as I know that when I was leaving the city was undergoing some dramatic changes and facing serious development projects.

After all these exciting years around the world I have now settled down back in my home town Helsinki, the capital of Finland. My life is very hectic with many commitments. But always when I have the opportunity to take time off I want to head off to the world and experience the most amazing adventures. Over the years I have done several longer travels exploring Southeast Asia, but there are still so many beautiful countries to be seen. However, currently I am looking forward to exploring North and South America and I am especially dreaming of New York, Cuba as well as Iceland.

So join me as I adventure through the world, near and far. I hope you enjoy the ride and get inspired by my travels, trips and holidays. Stay tuned, lots of interesting stories coming up shortly!


Author: Piia | Ticket to Adventures

Captivating travel stories from around the world, near and far, by an experienced traveller and adventurer.

8 thoughts on “This is How it All Started

  1. Such an inspiration to travel. Thank you for sharing the bits and pieces of your travel and life journey.Come to grasp your blog and it inspire to do and give a try.


  2. If you don’t mind me asking: my name is paige I’m 19 years old
    What makes a good blogger? as I’m new at this.
    Thanks so much


  3. This is awesome ! You’ve travelled so much 🙂


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